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Baby Books

Soft Textile Book for Babies

Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Books are a wonderful addition to our Activity Toys and are as sweet to look at as they are engaging. They come with different themes, the Aqua theme, the Forest theme and the Holiday theme. The Aqua Baby Book is about different sea animals and their habitat on one side, and about rain in the city on the other side. The Forest Theme Baby Book is about the deer and their natural habitat on one side, and about the sparrow and their habitat on the other side. And the Holiday book celebrates the 1920 with a variety of leisure-loving people and other figurines. Most drawings are handdrawn and have a special quality and tactile feeling to them. The books also crinkle when touching them which is always exciting for the little ones. 

Your Baby's first book

The soft and interactive baby books are perfect for starting a nice reading-together-tradition with your children. They are foldable and double-sided with six adorable illustrations on each side within different familiar themes. They encourage you and your baby to come up with your own little stories and help them start learning some first words or sounds. They are very soft to the touch and have a crinkle sound inside, which makes them fun to touch and play around with. The Baby Books support the sensual development of your baby and are OCS-certfified. Get them here in the official Cam cam Copenhagen webshop.