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Cocoon Kapok Duvets

The wonderful duvets from Cocoon are the perfect addition to our soft and GOTS-certified bedding. With an organic and allergy friendly duvet you can be sure that your child is getting a comfortable and deep nicht of sleep. Small children often experience problems regulating their own temperature and can therefore have issues with episodes of extensive sweating during the night. These sweat episodes are often the reason for them to not be able to cool off when their duvet, pillow or mattress isn't breathable enough. With a comfortable Kapok duvet the sweaty time is over. They are filled with 100% organic and natural Kapok fibre and you can get them in the perfect size for our baby- and junior bedding. Get the Cocoon Kapok duvets here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.    

Cocoon Merino Wool Duvets

Cocoons merino wool duvet is an exclusive sleeping product made of the finest organic merino wool from South American sheep. The super soft and 100% GOTS certified cover contains the un processed organic Merino wool fibres. Due to it's very breathable qualities, the duvet can be used all year long and stays airy and smooth. It helps your child's body to self-regulate the heat, which can be of crucial importance, especially for babies.  You can get the Merino wool duvet from Cocoon in Baby - an Junior sizes, perfect for our exclusive and GOTS-certified bedding. Get the whole set here on the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.