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Heart Collection

Cam Cam Copenhagen Heart Collection


The Heart Furniture Collection is a new interpretation of the much-loved Scandinavian classic heart kids’ chair. The chair was originally designed by Aage Skouboe in the 1950’s and stayed in production until the 1970’s. Nowadays, the chair remain very sought after in antiques shops. With a desire to preserve a cherished and timeless contribution to the Danish furniture tradition, Cam Cam Copenhagen now reintroduces the heart chair.
Preserving the design essence of the chair, we have applied minor modifications for a more contemporary silhouette and complemented it with a Cam Cam Copenhagen own original design round table. Both table and chairs are now available in a colour palette evocative of the Cam Cam Copenhagen universe that would fit any kids room interior. The Heart Chairs and Tables is available in Classic Grey, Canal Green and Blossom Pink which you can easily mix and match ! The set is the perfect way to create a dedicated corner strictly reserved for our little ones drawing, reading, playing, snacking activities and all things hygge and hearty.
The Heart Furniture collection is a timeless classic born to capture hearts that can be enjoyed now and for the generations to come.