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Junior Quilts

Organic Junior Blankets

Cam Cam Copenhagens' selection of junior blankets includes the popular Dot Quilts as well as the Signature Quilts. All blankets are made of organic materials and are OCS-certified. The popular quilted junior blankets from Cam Cam Copenhagen can be used as a bedspread or play blanket, either on the bed or on the floor or as part of an adventurous pillow fort. Cam Cams junior quilts come in a wide variety of nice colours and patterns that fit both, for little girls and little boys. The junior blankets match perfectly with Cam Cams' junior bedding, doll's bedding and other Cam Cam Copenhagen junior items. This makes it easy to create a decorative coherency in the interior and style of the children's room. The nice quilted junior blankets fit the size of a conventional queen bed and is thereby, also suitable for adult beds. Moreover, those quilted blankets can also be found in baby- and adult bed sizes so the whole family can have matching blankets.

Wide Range of Junior Blankets

A nice, cozy blanket can be the perfect gift for your child or friend. They come in plenty of favorite colors, such as Dark Blush, Dark Green Dot, Grey Gold Dot, Blush, Grey, Mint and Rose. The Dot and Signature Junior Quilts are wonderful on the bed but also to play with on the floor or to cozy up with on the couch and read books together. They can easily combined with matching Cam Cam Copenhagen designs. See and shop Cam Cam Copenhagens' junior blankets and junior quilts here in the official webshop.