Step stools

A wooden step stool for kids

Our wooden step stool is an excellent addition to your family. When children reach a certain age, they will need a little help to reach the kitchen countertop or the sink in the bathroom. The step stool will be very useful when your child has to learn to wash their hands or start to show interest in helping out in the kitchen. A step stool can be used for many years and can help your child to be more independent by helping them reach for their favourite toy on a shelf in their room, help around the house, etc.

The wooden step stool – a small stool for many different occasions

We believe that longevity and quality go hand in hand. Our small step stool is a beautiful item that will last for many, many years. Both as a practical tool and a cute accessory for the nursery. Use it in the kitchen, the bathroom, as a small stool while playing, as decoration to display small toys, etc.

Wooden step stool for kids

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s step stool for kids is made in FSC-certified wood and finished with VOC-free paint. The small practical handle in the seat makes it easy for your child to move the wooden step stool around. The wooden step stool is easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

A wooden step stool in a classic design

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s beautiful wooden step stool is created in a timeless and classic design. The step stool will suit every room in every home. The simple yet practical design can be used by your child for many years and be passed onto future generations. In Cam Cam Copenhagen’s universe, you will find many beautiful pieces of wooden furniture to match the step stool. Create a calming and beautiful nursery with furniture like our book bench, tables, chair and benches.

Our vision: Quality, sustainability, and responsibility

Cam Cam Copenhagen believes quality, longevity, sustainability, and responsibility go hand in hand in creating sustainable options. Our timeless designs and quality ensure that our products will last for many years and across future generations. Our products and processes are certified and made in natural and safe materials. Learn more about our certifications here.

Child-safe products free of harmful chemicals

Our products are made in natural and safe materials. We use 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, food-grade silicone, etc. Whether it is our bedding, toys, furniture, etc., you do not have to worry about you and your family being exposed to harmful chemicals.