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Non-woven wallpaper for the nursery

Cam Cam Copenhagen offers decorative wallpaper in 4 signature Cam Cam prints. The uncoated, non-woven quality makes it super easy to use and it requires very little effort to attach just perfectly to the walls. The wallpaper will not change in size or shape when on the wall, which is a recurring problem with most other wallpaper. With just a little paste applied directly to the wall, the wallpaper will go up without the need for the edges to overlap. It is also possible to re-position the wallpaper once up - it will not tear so you can remove it and replace it easily. Shop the wallpaper here at the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.

Wallpaper as Artpieces

With the delicate wallpaper form Cam Cam Copenhagen you can introduce small pieces of art to your walls. Whether you choose to decorate the entire room, just one wall or maybe the corner where your little angel sleeps is up to you. How about combining the classic Grey Wave wallpaper with a playblanket, a changing pad and bedding in the same pattern. Or a mix of the Pressed Leaves Rose wallpaper with a calming balloon mobile in the same pattern as well as a crib bumper and a cute changing mat. And if that is too much for you of the same pattern you can use the Stella wallpaper and mix it with some wonderful items in muted colours to create a coherent expression. Shop the delicate wallpaper here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.