Cam Cam Copenhagen creates timeless, sustainable and calming baby equipment. Our world is filled with calming colours and poetic prints. We invite babies and toddlers on an adventure, and our products stimulate and inspire their growing little minds. We have a wide range of different items you could give a baby or a toddler, which can be used for many years across many generations. We have chosen to make a natural choice in the world of toys for babies and toddlers, and we primarily use 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone. This means that all of our products are entirely free from harmful chemicals and safe to use. In our world of baby toys and baby equipment, you will find that most of our products can be used for both babies and toddlers. Longevity is an essential keyword at Cam Cam Copenhagen. For example, a changing table that can be used as a dresser when the baby grows out of using diapers, or soft cotton balls that can be used for neck training and mobility training and later thrown around the house by a bigger toddler.  


Children also develop through play, and toys stimulate their development. We have a wide selection of soft cotton toys, wooden toys and rubber toys for bath time. All can be used by both younger and older toddlers. Our selection of soft toys can strengthen motor skills and grip and will also provide security and comfort when taking a nap. 

A gift for sleep and cuddle

Babies and toddlers sleep a lot. While they are sleeping, they are developing, growing, and processing everything they experience. Our selection of beautiful bedding, blankets, etc., will provide the comfort and security a baby and toddler needs to get a good night's sleep. Neutral colours and calming prints will create beautiful surrounding the baby's or toddler's nursery.


A great gift for all ages is furniture. Beds, benches, tables, dressers, etc. Furniture is something they can use for many years and for many different activities. Playing, reading, painting, etc. Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a wide selection of wooden furniture. Our furniture is timeless in design, and the quality ensures that the furniture will last for a lot of years and across generations. 

Find an age-appropriate gift

We have made it easier for you to navigate around in the world of baby equipment and baby toys. In our category "Gifts", we have listed all of the relevant products. This way, you can easily find the perfect gift.