Gifts 0-6 months

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Rattle, Leaves - OCS Mix Blue

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Pacifier Holder - GOTS Fiori

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0-6 months

Gifts at this age can be cute, fun, sentimental, and practical. It's wise to think about the longevity of the gift. Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create quality and sustainable baby equipment.

Gifts for a newborn baby

During the first couple of weeks, a newborn baby will need a lot of close and loving contact from their parents. Comfort and close contact will help the baby to develop and thrive. The emotional bond between the parent/parents and the baby helps to shape their personality. A newborn baby is helpless and deeply dependent on its parent/parents. Create comfort and security with blankets, nests, a sleeping bag, and swaddles.

Gifts for a baby – 1-6 months old

When a baby is born, they are nearsighted and can only see what is right in front of their face. During the first six months, they begin to develop their eyesight and sense of space. Stimulation of the senses is vital during this period of development. Because babies' brains develop quickly in the first six months, it is essential to stimulate their growing minds. To help sharpen their vision, create an enchanted nursery with a unique and beautiful changing area. Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe is filled with materials like organic cotton and soft muslin cloths to help create a secure and cozy nursery. Arrange the changing table with a changing pad and our enchanting mobile with soft colours and beautiful music. Let the music and beautiful colours stimulate the baby. Mobiles can also be used as decorations in the nursery. In the ceiling, in the corner of the room, or the window. The possibilities are endless in the Cam Cam universe.

Tummy time with a baby nest

A perfect gift for a 0-6-month-old baby can also be a soft and fluffy pillow and mattresses to create a safe space for tummy time and neck training. Our nests are perfect for tummy time and neck training. During the first six months of a baby's life, they will also develop motor skills, grasping skills, and distance estimation. Tummy time can also help train the baby's fine motor skills if an item like a toy is placed in front of them.

A gift for teething and drooling

When a baby is approximately four months old, they start teething. When a baby is teething, it will drool a lot. Teethers can therefore be a great gift. You can combine teethers with our bibs or muslin cloths – both a gift for the baby and the parent/parents.

Mix and match bedding and blankets for the perfect baby gift

Before buying a gift for a baby, it is a good idea to check up on what kind of equipment they already have. If the baby you are gifting has a cot, accessories for the cot can be a good idea. Beddings and blankets come in all of our poetic prints and colours. You can mix and match our beautiful patterns and create a thoughtful gift to provide comfort and security.