What is the best gift for a 1-year-old?

It all depends on what kind of gift you're looking for – stimulating toys, practical gifts for bedtime or mealtime, interior for the nursery, etc. Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a wide selection of products you can give as a gift for a 1-year-old. Our universe is sustainable and always focuses on making quality, long-lasting baby equipment. 

Toys for a 1-year-old

When you're buying toys for a 1-year-old, you have to find stimulating toys that will help them develop their social- and motor skills and surprise their growing minds. At 1-year-old, they're more interactive in their play. They are growing at high speed, and their interests and fascinations are constantly changing. They are starting to communicate, and some 1-year-olds are even beginning to say a few words.

A gift to combine playing and learning

Because of the speedy development in a 1-year-old, it is a great idea to buy long-lasting and stimulating toys. A 1-year-old will enjoy toys that can be used for role-playing. Wooden toys, play kitchens, ABC stacking boxes, playing mats to jump and roll around in, etc. A 1-year-old is like a little sponge ready to absorb and meet the world around them. Combining playing and learning is, therefore, a great idea.

Practical gifts for a 1-year-old

If you're looking for a gift for both the baby and the parent/parents, you can go for a more practical gift, as a 1-year-old often needs a lot of different stuff. During the first year, the baby will also get its first teeth. Teething bibs are a great gift. They can also be used as a cute accessory and to prevent drool from getting on the baby's clothes while they're playing. A 1-year-old baby will start to be interested in participating in feeding time. Baby utensils like plates, bowls, and spoons in a soft material can therefore be a great gift. Giving the baby an invite to participate in mealtime will also help them improve their fine motor skills.

Gift for 1-year-old's nursery

When a baby is 1-year-old, they will start to spend more time in their nursery, with their toys and immersing themselves through play. Creating a beautiful, secure and creative nursery will help the baby to feel confident in playing. Small furniture and beautiful beddings can create the most beautiful surroundings. Playmats can create a cozy little corner where the baby can read books, play with their stuffed animals, take a nap, etc.

Long-lasting baby gifts for a 1-year-old

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create the most beautiful long lasting baby products. Our quality baby equipment is meant to suit both babies and toddlers across generations.