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What can you buy a newborn?

The perfect gift for a newborn

There are many things you can buy for a newborn baby (and their parent/parents) – Muslin cloths for the diaper bag and changing table, interior for the nursery, etc. It all depends on what kind of gift you are looking for. Cam Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a wide selection of products that can be used from the very first couple of days and that can also last a lifetime, across many generations. We focus on making sustainable and long-lasting baby equipment of the best quality. When you buy a gift for a newborn, it is a good idea to think about the parents as well and the longevity of the gift. During the first weeks of the newborn's life, they will need skin-to-skin contact to feel secure and to bond with their parent/parents. Cute and calming beddings and blankets are the perfect gifts for bonding time with the newborn. Organic bedding and blankets in neutral calming colour will create a secure space for baby and parent/parents to bond.

Sleep is essential for a newborn baby

A newborn baby sleeps a lot. Sleep is vital for the newborn. While sleeping, the newborn will grow and get used to their new world. A good gift for a newborn baby could be things to create security and make the newborn feel calm while sleeping – like accessories for the baby cot or baby equipment like a sleeping bag, a baby nest, or a baby swaddle. The softness of organic cotton wrapped around the newborn will leave the baby feeling secure and comfortable as they were in the womb. During the first six months of the baby's life, neck training is also an important part of their life. When neck training, the baby will strengthen their neck and back and eventually develop head control. When neck training, the baby nest also comes in handy. The baby can lay in the baby nest and strengthen its neck, back, and core.

Changing area for a newborn

Buying a gift for the changing area is a good idea. Besides sleeping, a newborn baby will spend a lot of time on the changing table. It is important to create a safe environment at the changing table. The changing area is an opportunity to stimulate the baby's senses and bond with them. A newborn is nearsighted and can therefore only see what is right in front of their face. But in the first six months of the baby's life, they begin to develop their eyesight. Because of that, the changing area should be decorated with stuff that can stimulate their growing minds and eyesight. Our universe is filled with beautiful products to create an enchanted beautiful changing area.

Mix and match nursing pillow covers, beddings, and baby blankets for the perfect baby gift

You can mix nursing pillow cover, bedding, and diaper bag in our beautiful and poetic prints and colours. This will create a thoughtful and personal gift for the newborn.