Organic toys for babies and toddlers

Cam Cam Copenhagen's beautiful universe invites babies and toddlers on an adventure. We have a wide selection of sustainable baby equipment, baby toys, furniture, beddings, etc. Our designs and materials are timeless and can be used by babies and toddlers for many years across generations. Our creative designs and patterns, combined with our calming colours, will create the most beautiful setting for your baby and/or toddler. Our world of baby toys invites your baby or toddler to use their imagination and creativity.

Organic toys free from harmful chemicals

Cam Cam Copenhagen uses clean and safe materials. Babies and toddlers explore everything with their hands and mouth. And with our toys, you do not have to worry. All of our baby toys are completely safe and free from harmful chemicals. Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe is filled with organic, natural, and safe materials. We primarily use 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone. We have chosen to make a natural choice in the world of baby toys. We believe in being sustainable both in design and material. You will therefore experience that our selection of baby toys is both directed for babies and bigger toddlers. Take, for example, our wooden toys. Wooden toys can be used by a small baby lying on a playmat and also as an essential learning tool for a bigger toddler – stimulating fine motor skills, developing social skills, etc. Wood contains no harmful substances, and it is entirely safe for your baby/toddler to play with. Wooden toys can be used for many years and many generations to come. 

Baby toys to strengthen your baby's development

Cam Cam Copenhagen's selection of toys for babies and toddlers includes a wide range of baby rattles, activity toys, mobiles with sounds and music, small furniture for playful moments in the nursing room, etc. Children develop through play, and toys stimulate their development. Our selection of soft toys can strengthen motor skills and grip and provide comfort when taking a nap. Our organic and natural baby toys are a great gift idea for a baby shower or maternity gift.

Toys for a baby

In a world filled with endless options when it comes to baby toys, you can easily get confused when you choose a toy for your baby and/or toddler. The options are endless. You should find an age-appropriate toy that can help the baby's skill development. Toys with a good grip and funny noises like baby rattles can help your baby discover their hands, stimulate auditory senses, stimulate their eyes, and help their visual tracking skills. In general, it is a good idea to choose toys that make noises. Responding to familiar noises will help your baby to get control over their actions slowly. Toys with a good grip, like rattles, teddy bears, etc., will also help your baby's grasp- and motor skills and distance estimation.