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An organic changing bag for your baby and you - and one for a mother and her newborn in Nepal, one of the world's poorest countries
Cam Cam Copenhagen has joined forces with the Danish-Nepalese NGO Chimalaya Charity, dedicated to fighting malnutrition and infant mortality in Nepal, and Baby Space by Amazing Space, the Danish organic baby care brand. Together we have created a beautiful changing bag, #Bag4Life, containing organic quality products to help a mother and her new born baby during the baby's first months. The #Bag4Life changing bag is the perfect start package or gift for future and new parents – supporting not only their own little loved-ones but also less fortunate families in one of the world’s poorest countries. 
Every time one of our changing bags is sold, a mother in Nepal receives a Nepalese Bag4Life and a visit by a health nurse, which together has a value equal to 40 €. During the first health care visit, the mother is given a Bag4Life – a locally produced changing bag containing important remedies such as a thermometer, disinfectant, soap, a changing mat, cloth nappies, clothes and toys. 
The changing bag package contains Misty Green Changing Bag, Peacock Rattle, 2 Muslin Cloths, as well as five organic products from Baby Space by Amazing Space: baby shampoo, baby oil, balm, wet wipes and a scented teddy bear.
Our changing bag package holds a value of €200 so you save €65 off regular RRP, and on top of that we donate €40 on your behalf. 

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