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Muslin Sleeping Bag 0 to 6 months - GOTS - Mustard

Muslin Sleeping Bag 0 to 6 months - GOTS - Mustard



A comfortable and airy sleeping bag for newborn babies up to 6 months made in the softest 100% organic muslin. Perfect for the warm months to provide ventilation during the night and naptime. The sleeping bag has a practical zip in front, and can be used for both day and night. Perfect for lively babies, who kick off their blankets when sleeping.
Available in different prints, and a bigger size from 6-18 months.

TOG 1.0, ideal for an indoor room temperature of 20-24 degrees Celsius.

Compliant with DS/EN 16781:2018 Textile child care articles. Safety requirements and test methods for children's sleep bags for use in a cot.


Size: L66xW37cm
Quality: 100% Organic Cotton - GOTS
Category: GOTS-certified Organic - ETKO 4401