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Pacifier Holder - GOTS Petroleum

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Cute and practical pacifier holder - available in a variety of Cam Cam prints.
The pacifier holder has a strong 100% natural rubber ring, interfacing inside to avoid twisting and a smart wooden clip with nickel-free metal to attach the holder to the child's clothing.
The pacifier holder has been tested and meets all safety requirements of the European/Danish Standard "DS/EN 12586 + A1".
Do not use as a toy and do not let the baby sleep with the pacifier holder.
Check the holder before every use, and throw away if any signs of wear and tear.

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This product is GOTS certified. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is your assurance that a product is made from the most environmentally friendly materials and under socially responsible conditions. GOTS is globally recognized as the strictest standard for organic textile production and guarantees a safe, humane and non-toxic working environment. When you choose GOTS, you protect your child, your fellow human beings and the environment.

This product is GOTS-certified, which guarantees that it is made from organic cotton grown completely without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and pesticides. The product does not contain any harmful substances such as chemicals, AZO paint and genetically modified materials, neither in the textiles used nor any accessories such as zippers and buttons. This protects the earth, the staff and your child.

This product is GOTS certified. GOTS guarantees that child and forced labor is not used throughout the supply chain and that all employees receive a wage that is affordable - not just a minimum wage - and is entitled to trade union and proper working conditions.

This product is GOTS certified. GOTS-certified products are subject to strict quality requirements that ensure high washing, color and light fastness, and that the product retains its original shape and texture over time and use. This ensures the long-term durability of the product, which is one of the most important factors in terms of sustainability.

  • 22cm
  • Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton. Clip: 100% Natural Wood with nickel-free metal clip.
  • Ring: 100% Rubber. Category: GOTS Certified Organic - ETKO 4401
  • Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry. Use mild detergent.

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