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Rattle, Peacock w/ maple wood ring - OCS Creme White

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Dusty Green
Creme White

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Sweet rattle shaped as a peacock. The small peacock has beautifully made embroidery.
The wooden ring is easy for the baby to hold, and inside is a bell, that makes a nice sound, that stimulates the baby's senses. Comes in a small box, which makes it a nice gift.
Available in more colours.

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This product is OCS certified. Products certified to the Organic Content Standard (OCS) contain organically grown material that has been independently verified at each stage of the supply chain, from source to final product. The purchase of Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified products demonstrates demand for organic agriculture. Products certified to the Organic Content Standard Blended (OCS Blended) products contain between 5-94% certified organically grown material.

  • 19x14cm