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Article: AW19 - Flora and Fauna

AW19 - Flora and Fauna

Just imagine
For AW19 it’s time to set the imagination free. Cam Cam Copenhagen presents an exclusive range of organic and sustainable news, encouraging the little ones to nurture their creative nature.
A season of outdoor expeditions into the rusty woodlands of fawns and falling leaves, bears and berries and homey hygge caring for dolls and reigning the play kitchen like a true chef.
Telling tales about figurative flora and fauna prints and indulging in the sweet thrill of Christmas.
Dreaming Harlequin dreams in the junior bed and letting the thoughts flow freely, lying on the softest of rugs. Envisioning a magic place beyond the beautiful origami lamp and flying away like Aladdin on a magic play mat. Playing princess on the pea on a fairy tale tower of distinguished mattresses.


Rejoicing in nature
For AW19 Cam Cam Copenhagen finds colour and print inspiration in the autumn forest. The perfect season to go out, explore nature and enjoy family time together, imagining all the wonders of the magic world of fauna and flora. Letting the little ones use their free spirits and open minds to lead the way into an imaginative fairy tale forest. An animated wood where the curious fawn joins the hopping hare and the bushy squirrel for a friendly fall feast in rosy berries and crispy cones, catching rusty leaves in the air as they fall for dessert.
When night falls, the sky covers with magic constellations floating calmly across the velvet firmament, like withering dandelions drifting through the nocturnal air.
A season of celebrating nature in a beautiful palette of graceful hazel, luscious berry and ever refined petrol blending in with earth tones like warm sand, sage green and rusty mustard.



Fawn – gentle beauty of the wild
The theme of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s new AW19 signature print, Fawn, is fostered by the seasonal inspiration from the autumnal forest. Autumn is a most beautiful time of the year to go out and explore nature with the little ones. Collecting fallen leaves, picking nuts and finding mushrooms for eating. Kith and kin rejoicing upon glimpses of deer, hares and squirrels jumping about in the forest.
The print is set on a sandy background and accent colours include luscious berry and warm hazel, which will be seen throughout the collection on news as well as re-runners.


Dandelion Petrol – airy and enigmatic like flying kisses
Dandelion Petrol is a new version of the popular SS19 print Dandelion Natural and Rose celebrating the poetic feel of withering dandelions. A simple, yet strong flower, most beautiful in its fragile, fleeting decay.
Airy and enigmatic like flying kisses and softly whispered words of tenderness floating towards the sky.
The Petrol/Navy version makes the playful print resemble a calm and beautiful starry winter night, with clear constellations on the sky. As the most popular colour ever for Cam Cam Copenhagen muslin cloths and swaddles, Petrol wraps the season perfectly in pure refinement


Plastic-free Play Kitchen – sustainable and sophisticated
This season Cam Cam Copenhagen proudly presents the plastic-free kitchen. A beautiful all-wood play kitchen sure to bring hours of joy for the household’s little chef, who loves to serve up for the guests, all the while adding classical charm and atmosphere to your living room decor.
The Play Kitchen features a little oven, two hot plates, three turnable buttons, four knobs to hang the tools from, a metal sink and a storage space behind the cute Cam Cam Copenhagen printed curtain. The kitchen is produced in Europe and everything is made from sustainable wood, except for the metal sink and the GOTS certified, organic cotton curtain. Naturally the kitchen is finished with child-safe VOC-free paint.



Doll’s Universe - encouraging creativity and compassion
Dolls are some of the oldest toys that children have ever played with. Role-playing with dolls helps the child’s development in so many ways. From gaining social skills like cooperation and communication by playing house to learning responsibility and empathy when nursing and caring compassionately for their doll.
Pretend play also very importantly strengthens the child’s natural imagination and creativity when making up imagined scenarios with their dolls.
Cam Cam Copenhagen now offers the complete doll’s universe, centered around the new adorable and 100% organic dolls Flora and Agnes. The dolls have each their identity and come in a beautiful packaging with hand drawn illustrations sure to arouse the child’s curiosity and set the scene for further imagination.
Filled with organic cotton fibres the dolls have a natural firmness and durability.
To create that perfect doll’s corner, and to store all the pretty doll’s clothes, the new Doll’s Wardrobe is a must-have. The Wardrobe elegantly features the signature Harlequin cut-out on the door to match the popular Doll’s Bed – now available in the new Berry colour and with Fawn print on the bedding.



Soft Animal Rattles – fit for the tiniest hands
Playing the leading part in this season’s print universe, the fawn also stars in the new GOTS-certified soft animal rattles together with his forest friends, the bear and the bird. The rattles are made in an appealing shape and texture and have a gently ringing bell inside to stimulate the babies’ senses. The shape is easy for tiny hands to grasp onto, so the rattles are equally suitable for newborns, babies and toddlers.


Hand tufted Rugs – comfort refined in pure wool and beautiful prints
This season introduces beautiful, high quality rugs made of 100 % wool; the best material for rugs, as it is dirt and smell repellent and will last forever.
The hand tufted rugs are available in two different designs, one with an oversized version of the beloved Pressed Leaves Rose print and another one with a distinguished petrol coloured Harlequin pattern.
Both rugs are circular, measuring 110 cm in diameter, and easy to fit into most rooms. The rugs are superbly thick and soft – perfect for stepping on, when getting out of bed in the morning, and for sitting on in the storytelling hour.



Leaf cushion – ode to the oak
Following the natural theme of the season the collection presents decorative cushions shaped like oak leaves, gracefully descending from the treetops in the autumn forest. The Leave Cushion’s signature shape and soft silhouette celebrate the ancient, majestic oaks as an iconic part of the Scandinavian nature.
The organic cotton cushion has fine detail stitching and is a both pretty and cosy décor in the kids' room as a perfect match to the Fawn and Pressed Leaves prints. The Leaf Cushion comes in delicate Light Sand and the new seasonal colours Hazel and Berry.



Origami Lamps – a tribute to Japanese arts and crafts tradition
Autumn Winter is the time of year to create that special warm and cosy atmosphere. Decorating the kid’s room with just the right lighting is the perfect place to start. The AW19 collection introduces a beautiful origami lamp theme, drawing inspiration from the Japanese arts and crafts tradition, always dear to Cam Cam Copenhagen’s aesthetical heart. The unique origami folding technique brings a very light and playful impression to the new sophisticated pendant, which comes in two versions: white with blue dots or powder with berry dots. The origami series also presents an Origami String of Lights with origami flowers, perfect for decoration and as a subtle night light in the kid’s room. The string of lights comes in two colour combinations: Petrol and Rose.



Play Mattresses worthy of a Princess and Aladdin alike
Most young children prefer to play on the floor. With the fun and comfortable play mattresses, the kids can easily play around on the floor for many joyful hours.
Perfect for somersaults or just for cosy times on a chilled winter floor. Play the Princess and the Pea or Aladdin who flies away with Jasmin with a whole stack of them



Decorating for Christmas with style and nostalgia
Aim for a classical Christmas with Cam Cam Copenhagen’s Christmas news. All the new Christmas products give you the feeling that maybe your Grandma made these fine heirlooms herself and they will be as suitable in 50 years, as they are now. With embroidered signature details and understated colours, the Christmas Stocking and Advent Calendar provide a stylish background and leave it up to the presents to provide that warm colour splash, we connect with Christmas. The Fabric Hearts have fine embroidered detailing and can be hung on the Christmas Tree, as well as in the kid's room or in the windows.



Junior Bed – the bed that grows with your child
The ever refined Cam Cam Copenhagen signature Harlequin silhouette now also embellishes the new Junior Bed, destined for bigger children from 3 years and up. Designed with sustainability and longevity in mind, the length of the bed can easily be transformed from 160 cm to 200 cm by replacing the side panels and thus be long enough for a regular adult size single bed. The intelligent functionality and timeless design allow the bed to grow with the child for many years.
The Harlequin collection captures Cam Cam Copenhagen’s design philosophy of creating timeless pieces by uniting contemporary simplicity as to colours and silhouettes with classical references, as seen in the beautiful detailing, which presents a level of craftmanship, seldom found in modern furniture.