Organic baby nest  

Baby nest for comfort and safety 

Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a wide selection of everything you and your little baby need in the first few years. One of the newborn essentials is a comfortable baby nest. The comfy and soft baby nest is made from organic cotton and gives your baby extra comfort in the transition from the mother’s womb to your baby’s first bed. Our delicate baby nest creates security and warmth in the first moments, where your baby has to adapt to the big world outside the womb. 

When the baby lies in foetal position, it is surrounded by warmth, intimacy and safety. During the first period of time outside the womb, the baby still needs the comfort, it had in the womb. 

The baby nest embraces the baby and gives a feeling of security and intimacy, which has a calming and comforting effect on many babies. 

The soft baby nest is the perfect little nest, where your baby can lie and cuddle, while you’re making a cup of coffee, relaxing or just need to have your hands free for a moment. 

The baby grows a lot the first year and our baby nest can be adjusted in the length, so it can follow your baby’s growth. 

 Adult supervision required 

Sustainable baby nest – a baby nest in organic cotton and without harmful chemicals 

With Cam Cam Copenhagen’s OCS-certified baby nest you don’t need to be worried about if your baby inhales harmful chemicals, while it is sleeping. The baby nest’s cover is made from 100% organic cotton, which can be washed at 30 degrees delicate wash and the filling consists of 100% Oeko Tex Standard Polyester. 

The foam mattress and the soft edge makes sure, that your baby lies safely and soft while sleeping, so you don’t have to worry. Always place the child with the head in the top (the end without strings) and tie a bow with the drawstrings in the opening. 


Test of baby nest 

The baby nest is tested for breathability: UK Standard “BS4578 - BS 4568:1970 Specification for methods of test for hardness of, and for air flow through, infants’ pillows”. The mattress is tested and complies to the requirements in AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 “Infant Sleep Surface – Test for Firmness”. Moreover, the baby nest is resistant to ignition as per UK/BS5852. 


Minimalistic and classic baby nest 

Our baby nest is available in our beautiful and unique Cam Cam Copenhagen print. All our prints are in delicate and calm tones, created with inspiration from nature, art and culture. The delicate and elegant colours are to create safety for your baby. You can choose the baby nest’s cover in the colour or the print, that matches your baby’s beddingtoys and blanket, or you can mix and match the different prints for a more playful and adventurous expression. You can find all of our prints here. 


Baby equipment with focus on sustainability 

Cam Cam Copenhagen is certified under the following globally leading standards: GOTS, FSC and OCS. The textile industry has a big responsibility, when it comes to production, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Organic and sustainable production of baby equipment is one of our highest priorities. Read more about our certificates here 


Baby equipment without harmful chemicals 

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s philosophy originates from the strong belief that our children are the most precious in the world and only deserve the best. Consequently, our organic baby nest is also produced according to OCS-standards 

Our products are made from natural materials such as wood, 100% organic cotton and other materials like food grade silicone, which is a non-toxic, taste- and odor neutral material. Food grade silicone is used for our spoons, bowls and plates for instance, and it does not contain any harmful chemicals (e.g. BPA, latex, lead, and phthalates).