Changing bag in 100% organic cotton

The first years are some of the most important in your child’s life. The child meets the big world for the first time, and the surroundings make a big impression on all the senses. Let our delicate, safe and sustainable universe create the foundation for your baby’s first time. Cam Cam Copenhagen originates and is driven by our love for babies and children. Our beautiful, poetic and sustainable universe consists of classy products in timeless designs and soft colours, which can be used for year after year. All our prints and delicate colours match and compliment each other. It gives you the opportunity to mix and match all our products, so they fit into exactly your universe.

A functional changing bag in 100% organic cotton

It can be difficult to find the best changing bag, that meets all your requirements and needs. Our changing bag is both pretty and practical with a simple and timeless design, which contains the thought-out, functional details. You can choose the changing bag in one of our delicate prints or one in our gorgeous neutral colours. When you are on the go with your baby, there are often many different things, you need to bring. We have taken this into account, when we designed the changing bag. Our changing bag has compartments and pockets in different sizes, both on the inside and outside, so you can bring diapers, muslins, wet wipes, teether and changing clothes among other things, with you.

A changing bag in good quality

Other than being functional with many compartments and pockets, it is also important, that the changing bag is made from durable material. Our popular changing bag is designed in 100% organic cotton with a coated surface on the inside and outside. The coating is dirt resistant and therefore it is easy to be cleaned. At Cam Cam Copenhagen we select materials carefully. The right materials must ensure durable products, that can be passed down between siblings and generations. With our sustainable approach to design, materials and production we wish to contribute with products in good quality and classic design, which can be used for many years.

Same strong design in unique prints

At Cam Cam Copenhagen it is our goal to help with creating safety, creativity and calmness in your family. Our unique prints in neutral and toned down colours draw inspiration from nature as well as culture. Nature creates peace in an else busy day and reminds us that we should enjoy and appreciate the important things in life. Our print, which is inspired by art and culture, is to stimulate your baby’s senses and invite to play and creativity. We have gathered all our prints here, so it is easy for you to create exactly your universe, that suits your family.

Sustainable baby equipment and social responsibility

The textile industry is an industry, that has a big responsibility, when it comes to production. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we are one of the few brands in the industry which is certified by the following, globally leading standards for organic and sustainable production: GOTS, FSC and OCS. You can read more about our certificates here.


Let your child grow up in a safe world without harmful chemicals

Whether it is changing bag, bedding and other accessories for the bedroom, toys or spoons, plates and bowls, our universe invites to use of sense, safety, creativity and adventure. Our products are made from natural materials such as tree, 100% organic cotton and other materials such as food grade silicone, which is a nontoxic, taste and odor neutral material, which does not contain any harmful chemicals (e.g. BPA, latex, lead and phthalates). It means that you do not have to worry about, what your baby puts into the mouth, or if your baby inhales harmful chemicals: neither during playtime, eating or the many hours of sleep, that make up a big part of the day for babies and toddlers.