Adorable plastic-free play kitchen 

Our wooden play kitchen with wooden toys is a perfect item for both toddlers and older kids. With a toddler, you can invite them to role-play in the nursery and boost their ability to play with others, and older children can pretend to cook by themselves, immerse themselves through play and play with others. The wooden play kitchen is an item that will guarantee to last for many years and across generations. 

Accessories for the wooden play kitchen

We have created a beautiful collection of accessories that can be used to play in the wooden play kitchen— aprons, tools, vegetables and fruit,  oven gloves and potholders, etc. Our play kitchen accessories are the perfect accessories for the little cook and will create an authentic vibe while playing and are ideal for play-along, role-playing, etc. 

Wooden toys for kids

Besides using our wooden toys in the play kitchen, they can also be used for tummy time. A baby needs to strengthen their neck and back and eventually learn to sit up and stand up by themselves. Place our wooden toys in front of the baby on a baby nest or playmat. The wooden toys will help the baby keep focus, keep their head up straight, motivate them to move forward, etc. Wood contains no harmful substances, and it is entirely safe for your baby/toddler to play with. Wooden toys can be used for many years and many generations to come. 

Wooden play kitchen – A safe choice!

The wooden play kitchen is entirely free from harmful chemicals. The body is made from sustainable wood, and the sink is made of metal. The small curtain in the front is made of GOTS-certified, organic cotton. The play kitchen resembles a real-life kitchen. It consists of a small oven, two hot plates, three turnable buttons, four knobs to hang our wooden kitchen tools and oven gloves, a sink, and a storage space behind the cute Cam Cam curtain. The curtain is reversible, featuring two different prints. This way, you can customize it according to your family's wishes. Our wooden play kitchen is finished with VOC-free paint in classic calming colours. Our play kitchen for kids is produced in Europe under environmentally friendly and socially responsible conditions.

Wooden play kitchen for kids

Whether you have a baby that is just starting to sit up or stand up by themself, or an older toddler, a play kitchen is a perfect item for the little chef who loves to serve guests around the house. Incorporate play with learning, and maybe your toddler will be helping around the kitchen in no time. 

We offer sustainable, long-lasting options.

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create beautiful, sustainable, and safe products for families worldwide. We want to offer completely child-safe products for babies, toddlers, and kids—products that are meant to last through their impeccable quality, everlasting sophistication and intelligent functionality. Cam Cam Copenhagen believes longevity, eco-friendly materials, socially and environmentally responsible production, and timeless design will lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle.