Cam Cam Decoration, Mobiles and Quilts

Cam Cam Copenhagens' interior collection includes the wonderful quilts in baby and junior sizes, the popular star cushions or wall decorations and garlands, or the sweet musical mobiles all of the products are either GOTS- or OCS-certified and therefore live up to very strict standards when it comes to environmental protection, material and manufacturing quality as well as working conditions. The Cam Cam throw pillows and signature quilts come in a variety of gorgeous colours and patterns and can be combined with a lot of other Cam Cam Copenhagen products. Create a unique, coherent style by putting up wallpaper, a Wave quilt, cozy star cushions and a pretty garland all in the same charming pattern. Even the children's toys can contribute to the coherent expression. Or choose a variety of different Cam Cam patterns and colours, they all match very well together. Buy your favourite pieces here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop. 

Give your home a beautiful expression

If you are searching for a great present for your friend, mum, a babyshower or yourself, the Cam Cam Copenhagen interior collection features plenty of beautiful pieces to underline the beauty of your home. From the popular star cushions to the iconic blankets and quilts, the 100% organic fabric creates a comfy and compelling atmosphere in the bedroom, nursery or the living room. Wall-paper and Wall-decoration can help to easily and effectively update the look in your home. A playful Cam Cam hot air balloon lamp looks great in the nursery, the living room or even in the kitchen. The well-known musical mobiles, be it the peacock, a starfish or a balloon make the perfect gift and fit into every home. Get inspiration and shop here at the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.

Organic decorations in a variety of Cam Cam patterns

Cam Cam Copenhagens selection of decorative elements includes flags, leaves and soft shapes to put up on the wall.  The string of flags comes with 12 flags in various Cam Cam prints and is made from 100% GOTS-certified cotton. The wall decoration set consists of a cloud, a moon and a star, is made in soft baby corduroy and OCS-certified. The delicate garland with 9 decorative leaves comes in a nice box, which makes it a good gift idea. The garland has 4 different kind of leaves with beautifully made embroidery. The ocean garland comes with different ocean inspired shapes in blue and green nuances. Buy the decorations for your home interior here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.

Create a coherent decorative style

The collection of decorative elements in the Cam Cam universe helps you to create a unique and coherent style in your own home. Be it with the wall decorations, wallpaper or cushions, the items can easily be placed to accentuate the nursery, the living room or any other room in your family's home. To achieve a sophisticated, matching style, it often only takes a couple of decorative items in the same or a matching pattern. Place for example the Cam Cam Copenhagen wallpaper next to the crib, bed your baby on a babyblanket in the same pattern and shape a calming atmosphere with a matching mobile. Or something totally different. In the Cam Cam universe, the decorations are both, limit- and timeless. Buy the decorations for your home here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.