Wet wipe covers

Wet wipe covers in organic cotton

Our baby wet wipe covers are a beautiful and practical accessory for the changing area, the diaper bag, as well as in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Put your favourite baby wet wipes in the cute little wet wipe cover and display them by the changing table or bring it on the go.

Decorate your changing area with our wet wipe covers

Cam Cam Copenhagen's wet wipe covers are an absolute necessity at the changing table. Besides sleeping, a newborn baby will spend a lot of time on the changing table. In your life with a newborn, you will spend many hours by the changing table, changing, nursing, and bonding with your baby. It is important to create a cosy and secure environment by the changing area. In Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe, you will find a selection of beautiful and carefully designed products for you and your family. Our universe allows you to be both practical and creatives at the same time. You can match the wet wipe covers with stimulating and playful mobile. You should decorate the changing area with calming and stimulating colors, shapes, and prints. A newborn is nearsighted and can only see what is right in front of their face. But in the first six months of the baby's life, they begin to develop their eyesight. When you are changing your baby, they will sense the world around them. The changing area is an opportunity to stimulate the baby's senses and bond with them.

Bring your wet wipes on the go

Life with kids can be messy sometimes. Our wet wipe covers allow you to bring your wet wipes on the go without you having to worry about the wet wipes drying out.

Wet wipe covers in our beautiful Cam Cam prints

We have created the wet wipe covers in beautiful and calming colors. Like many of our other products, the wet wipe covers are made in our creative Cam Cam prints. Be creative and match your wet wipe covers with your changing bag and your changing mat. The wet wipe covers are made in 100% organic GOTS certified cotton. The practical wet wipe covers are machine washable up to 40°C


Cam Cam Copenhagen believe in quality, sustainability, and responsibility

We wish to provide traditional, classic, and safe products to families across the world. When you choose a Cam Cam Copenhagen product, you are guaranteed quality, sustainability, and responsibility - both in design and material. Cam Cam Copenhagen's products and processes are certified and made in natural and safe materials. Learn more about our certifications here.