Cuddle cloths

Baby comforter in cotton

In our selection of accessories for sleep and cuddling, you will find the cutest baby comforter, cuddle plush or cuddle cloth–the soft cloth goes under many different names. The cuddle plush will be your baby's best friend. The cuddle plush will provide comfort and stimulate the baby's senses. Besides being the best sleeping companion at home, the cuddle plush is also ideal for bringing on the go. Providing the child comfort when napping out and about. Cam Cam Copenhagen has created many items your child can bring on the go. The selection includes different stuffed animals and soft cotton balls. Our stuffed toys are a great comforter for the baby and toddler–as well as bigger kids. 

Cuddle plush in organic cotton

The cuddle cloths from Cam Cam Copenhagen are made in soft organic muslin cotton with a cute stuffed animal in the middle. The entire Cam Cam Copenhagen baby toy collection is at least GOTS- or OCS-certified and produced with pure, organic materials. Babies and small children are more susceptible to hormone changing substances, but with the baby play toys from Cam Cam Copenhagen, you are on the safe side. All toys from Cam Cam are entirely free of harmful chemicals, so you can have a clear and good consciousness when giving them to your baby. Get a cute giraffe cuddle cloth or a swan cuddle cloth for your little one to cuddle while sleeping and to help them develop their senses and motor skills. 

Cam Cam Copenhagen's philosophy

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create classic, sustainable, and safe products for you and your family. Our cuddle cloth is entirely safe to give to any baby. We use toxic-free materials, and in our universe, you will find completely safe products that are free from harmful chemicals. We use materials like FSC-certified wood, Oeko-tex Standard polyester, seagrass, GOTS-certified organic cotton, etc. GOTS certifications ensure that the cotton used for the product is grown entirely without artificial fertilizers, pesticides and pesticides. The certification also ensures that the quality of the product will last over time and use. Read more about all of our certifications here