Music mobile for baby 

Decorate your children’s room with a music mobile from Cam Cam Copenhagen 

In our poetic and safe universe, your baby can discover, explore and develop its creativity and get all senses stimulated. Cam Cam Copenhagen has a wide selection of everything, you and your baby needs in the first few years. One of the essentials, you can have in the children’s room is a nice music mobile. A musical cot mobile mobile in the baby’s room creates coziness and stimulates your baby’s development. At Cam Cam Copenhagen we have made the most beautiful music mobiles for your baby’s room. The poetic vintage expression will bring any baby’s room classy style and charm. 


Hang a music mobile above the changing area 

With a little baby you spend countless hours by the changing area. Use one of our many music mobiles as entertainment and arouse your baby’s curiosity. Our delicate and poetic music mobiles are perfect to hang up by the changing area. They stimulate your baby’s senses and entertain it when changing diapers, so you easily can catch your baby’s attention. A cot mobile can also have a calming effect, if the baby is uneasy. 

We offer both music mobiles, that can play beautiful and calm melodies, and music mobiles that have a calming effect on the baby, with their floating movements in the air.  

Our music mobiles are designed with many different shapes, surfaces and textures to arouse your baby’s curiosity and keep the attention.  

Create a cozy changing area with a music mobile that matches our delicate changing pad and muslins 


Music mobile for baby in unique and stimulating prints, colours and shapes 

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s baby cot mobiles are available in our fine and unique prints in delicate and neutral colors. The unique prints and shapes are inspired by art and culture, as well as natures peaceful world and are compelling and stimulating for your baby. Explore our prints here. 


Organic materials and sustainable production of baby equipment 

Sustainability and baby equipment go hand in hand at Cam Cam Copenhagen. Our well thought, adventurous and poetic universe does not compromise with the environment, and we always strive for a sustainable and organic production.  

As we think credibility and transparency are essential, when it comes to sustainability, we have chosen to renew our certificates by the following globally standards: GOTS, FSC and OCS every year, so you can be sure that you make the right choice for your family. Read more about our certificates here 

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s philosophy originates from the strong belief, that children are the most precious in the world and our universe invites your child to an adventurous journey, that arouses the curiosity, fantasy and stimulates all the senses. 

Our products are produced in natural materials such as wood, 100% organic cotton, pure natural rubber and other materials like food grade silicone, which is a non-toxic, taste and odor neutral material.