Kids’ wardrobes and hangers

Kids' bedroom furniture

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created a small selection of classic and traditional furniture for the smallest members of your family. In our furniture selection, you will find kids' wooden wardrobe solutions, beds, shelves, etc., – everything you need to create a cosy, secure, and beautiful nursery or bedroom. Our kids' wooden wardrobe selection consists of beautiful wardrobes and small elegant hangers. With Cam Cam Copenhagen's kids' wardrobe, you can create a both beautiful, practical, and organized closet.

Kids' room wardrobe

Cam Cam Copenhagen's kids' wardrobe will be a perfect item in your nursery, kids' room, walk-in closet, etc. In our selection of kids' furniture, you will find two beautiful, classic, and elegant wardrobes: the Harlequin Wardrobe and the Luca Wardrobe. The kids' wardrobe matches the rest of our beautiful furniture and will create a calm atmosphere. Match the kids' wardrobe with the beautiful Harlequin bed, our elegant changing table, the small bedside tables, etc.

The Harlequin wardrobe

The Harlequin kids' wardrobe is a classical piece of furniture with the characteristic harlequin pattern. The kids' wardrobe is both elegant and practical with four soft-close drawers, four shelves and a rack for hangers. The kids' wardrobe is made in MDF wood and painted with VOC-free paint.

The Luca wardrobe

The Luca kids' wardrobe is a traditional yet minimalistic kids' wardrobe with two elegant doors and a drawer. The inside of the kids' wardrobe is installed with shelves for clothes and storage and a rack for hangers.

Wooden hangers for kids' wardrobe

We have created beautiful wooden hangers for the kids' wardrobe. The wooden hangers come in a set of three and suit both the Harlequin kids' wardrobe and the Luca kids' wardrobe. The hangers are available in calming and neutral tones. Combine the wooden hangers with our storage options to organize your kids' clothes.

Free of harmful chemicals

The materials we use are completely safe and free of harmful chemicals. Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe is filled with organic, natural, and safe materials like 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone. We believe in being sustainable both in design and material. Therefore, you will experience that our selection of furniture suits both babies and bigger toddlers. When you buy a Cam Cam Copenhagen product, you are guaranteed quality, sustainability, and responsibility - both in design and material. Cam Cam Copenhagen's products and processes are certified and made in natural and safe materials. Learn more about our certifications here.