Teething bibs

Teething bibs in organic cotton

Teething bibs will, without a doubt, be one of the best and most used baby accessories you will ever buy. Cam Cam Copenhagen's teething bibs are perfect for drooling babies when your baby is teething, etc. All of Cam Cam Copenhagen's teething bibs are created in wonderful and calming tones and creative prints. You can easily use our teething bibs in organic cotton as an everyday accessory. 

When to use our teething bibs? Use teething bibs to prevent drool from getting everywhere!

Our teething bibs in organic cotton are perfect for everyday use to prevent drool and snot from getting on the baby's clothes, toys, furniture, and so on. We have designed and created the teething bibs in our beautiful prints and calming colours, making them look cute with every outfit. They are the perfect items to use both at home, in daycare, or when you are out doing other activities with your baby. Be creative and match the teething bib with the bedding in your stroller, your changing mat, your diaper bag – the possibilities are endless. During the first year of a baby's life, they will get their teeth, and when your baby gets its first teeth, you will experience itchy gums and a lot of drooling. Prevent the drool from getting everywhere, soaking through the clothes etc., you can put a teething bib on your baby. Remember to soothe those itchy and sore gums with our cute teethers.


Teething bibs to suit every occasion

The teething bibs are available in a variety of our beautiful, creative, and poetic Cam Cam prints. The teething bibs are made in soft double layered organic GOTS certified muslin cotton. You can create your own personal look with different colours and patterns and match the teething bib with your baby's clothes. The teething bib is size-adjustable with two buttons.


Quality, sustainability, and responsibility

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create classic, sustainable, and safe products for babies, kids, and families around the world. We believe that quality, sustainability, and responsibility go hand in hand in creating sustainable options. Our products and processes are certified and made in natural and safe materials. Learn more about our certifications here.

Cam Cam Copenhagen wants to offer completely child-safe products for babies, toddlers, and kids. Products that will last a lifetime and across many generations. We believe longevity, eco-friendly materials, socially and environmentally responsible production, and timeless design will lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle.