The dreamy Poppies print, so ample with softness and light, is an ode to the iconic Poppy flower.
As a natural wildflower the poppy can be found in every corner of the world. Growing freely and lighting up the meadows of early summer, it has become a herald of the season of light, love, and promises in bloom.
In its poetic portrayal of this token of innocence and hope, the Poppies print is a reminder to take the time to see the beauty, the awe of simplicity, and ever shining light in even the smallest flowers. 
Simple at first glance but rich in contrasts and significances the poppy effortlessly embraces the complexity of existence. Delicate yet vibrant, ephemeral yet grounded firmly in the soil, it might be fragile in appearance but possesses a great resilience and strength.
The poppy has made its way into the cultural sphere of art, poetry, and history symbolizing everything from sleep to imagination, remembrance, abundance, regeneration, and eternal life.
Subtle and delicate, the Poppies print is destined to spread light, harmony and joy and hopefully inspire us all to slow down and truly see the splendour of things as tiny as flowers.