Organic changing pad for your baby 


Organic changing pad in delicate colours 

At Cam Cam Copenhagen, we know how important the first years of your child’s life are. Both child and parents will be spending countless hours by the changing table, and that is why it is important to have a comfortable and cozy place for changing. Arrange your changing unit with a changing cushion, other changing accessories from Cam Cam Copenhagen, and both children and parents will find joy in the many lovely changing moments with care and intimacy.  

The changing pad comes in our fine and unique print in delicate and neutral colours. The unique print is inspired by art, culture and nature’s peaceful world. Discover our prints here 


Organic and sustainable changing pad with great comfort 

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s organic changing pad is OCS-certified. The changing pad’s cover is made from 100% organic cotton, which can easily be taken off and be washed at 40 degrees, so bacteria won’t gather by the changing area. The changing pad’s filling is 100% oeko-tex polyester foam, which makes the changing pad comfortable, steady and ensures that it keeps its shape and softness. It is important to choose a changing cushion with great comfort, so the baby feels safe, when it has to be changed. The organic changing cushion has high edges, which ensures the baby to lie secure and comfortably. The cotton cover has a coating, which makes it water and dirt resistant and easy to clean, which is an advantage with the changing pad, where accidents can happen. 


Cover for changing pad in 100% organic cotton 

You can buy an extra changing pad cover which is practical, when the other has to be washed. Our delicate organic changing pad cover has a nifty elastic in the edge, which makes it simple to take off and on. With an extra cover, you can easily ensure that your changing station is always neat and clean, and also change the expression and mood with our fine colours and playful prints.  


Organic changing pad – decorate a cozy changing area for your baby 

Our thought-out universe offers many different things, which can help you to make your changing area secure and cozy. Create curiosity and creativity with our mobilesposters and wall decorations or organize with our wet wipe covers, muslinschanging baskets and changing liners. The opportunities are endless. Our modern and classy changing table makes it easy for you to store all the essentials you need for changing, while the changing table also works as a nice aesthetic furniture, which can be used for many years, as it can be turned into a dresser, when the changing days are over. 

Sustainable baby equipment 

The textile industry has a big responsibility, when it comes to production. Sustainable production of baby equipment is one of our highest priorities. We are certified by the following globally leading standards: GOTS, FSC and OCS. You can read more about our certificates here. Beside the fact that it is important for us to contribute to a sustainable approach to product development and production, we believe that durability and quality are crucial factors. Good quality and durable products, that can last for many years, get passed down between siblings and across generations, play a big role, when it comes to sustainability.  


Baby equipment without harmful chemicals 

Our universe must arouse curiosity in your child and invite to play and adventure. Therefore, all of our products are made without chemicals. Our products are produced from natural materials such as wood, 100% organic cotton, pure natural rubber and other materials like food grade silicone. Food grade silicone is used for our spoons, bowls and plates, and is a non-toxic, taste and odor neutral material. The material contains no harmful chemicals such as BPA, latex, lead and phthalates.