Harlequin Junior Bed

A junior bed for your family

Cam Cam Copenhagen's Harlequin junior bed is a multifunctional bed for children at the age of 3-10 years. The adjustable sides make this bed suitable for both small toddlers and bigger children. Longevity is one of our keywords and the sustainable bed grows with the child, so you don't have to buy several new beds while your child is growing. The extension panels extend the bed up to 90x200 cm – the size of a regular adult size single bed. This sustainable design will create security and comfort for many years to come. The size of the junior bed will make it last for many years, but it can also create a cosy and secure environment around bedtime. The bed size invites a parent or another family member to cuddle, tell a bedtime story or sing a little bedtime song. The junior bed allows your family to have important quality time and establish some healthy bedtime habits.

A junior bed in a timeless and classic design

We design products that are meant to last for many years and across many generations. The Harlequin junior bed has a timeless and classic design and comes in neutral colours. The junior bed is designed to match the rest of our furniture, so you can create a beautiful, calming and secure nursery or children's room.

Create a safe and calming children's room with our junior bed

Small toddlers and children live a busy life. Learning, playing, absorbing impressions around them. Getting a good night's sleep is very important. When children are sleeping, their brain releases essential chemicals that help and improve learning, affects concentration, boosts their memory, positively affects their behaviour, etc. Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a wide selection of accessories that will make your child's bedroom feel safe, beautiful and inspire them to be creative. Style the junior bed with our soft and calming bedding. All of our bedding is designed in the most beautiful tones and creative prints. Our prints and neutral colours characterize our entire collection, and you can mix and match our bedding with our many baby blankets, a stimulating mobile, or a beautiful bed canopy – there are endless options to how you can mix and match our products.

We offer sustainable, long-lasting options.

In a world filled with many different options, we wish to be your number one choice when it comes to baby equipment. Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create beautiful, sustainable, and safe products for families worldwide. Babies, toddlers and children explore everything with their hands and mouth, and Cam Cam Copenhagen's products are entirely safe – both in materials and design. We believe that products for babies and children should last for many years and across many generations. Cam Cam Copenhagen believes longevity, eco-friendly materials, socially and environmentally responsible production, and timeless design will lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle. Read more about our philosophy here.