Baby rattles

Baby rattles in elegant and creative shapes

In our selection of baby rattles, you will find many different shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. The baby rattles all have a wooden ring that makes it easy for the baby to grasp. Inside the baby rattles, there is a bell that makes noise when the baby shakes and throws the baby rattle around. In our selection of cotton rattles, you will find many different shapes inspired by nature and cute animals. The soft organic cotton, the wooden ring, and the sound from the bell are all features that will stimulate all of the baby's senses. The baby rattles in organic cotton come in a variety of our creative Cam Cam prints and in our characteristic neutral and calming colours. This way, you can match your baby rattle with your favourite bedding.

Wooden rattle with a bell

Cam Cam Copenhagen wooden rattle is made of maple wood and painted with child-safe watercolour-based paint free of harmful chemicals.

Use a baby rattle to stimulate your baby

Baby rattles are the perfect toy to help strengthen the baby's fine motor skills. When most babies are approximately 3 months old, they will start to open and shut their fists, grasping around things and strengthening their fine motor skills. A baby rattle is a perfect toy for that age. When playing with a baby rattle, the baby will discover that they are the ones that made the baby rattle make noise. This makes baby rattles an essential part of your baby's development.

Choose baby rattles as your baby's first toy

Things with a good grip and funny noises like baby rattles can help your baby discover their hands, stimulate their auditory senses, and boost their visual tracking skills. This makes the baby rattle the perfect toy for your baby. You can also use the baby rattle to communicate with your baby because the baby will look in the direction the noise is coming from. Responding to familiar noises will slowly strengthen and help your baby control their actions.

Baby rattles in organic cotton and wood, free of harmful chemicals!

The baby rattles are entirely free of harmful chemicals – just like the rest of Cam Cam Copenhagen's products. We believe in being sustainable both in design and material, and throughout our universe, you will find materials like 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone.


Cam Cam Copenhagen's philosophy

Our universe is filled with everything you need for a life with a newborn, a toddler and a child – from baby accessories for sleep and cuddle to practical baby equipment to bring on the go. Among Cam Cam Copenhagen's keywords, you will find sustainability, longevity, quality, and creativity. These are words we have in mind in every step of the process to create toys, furniture, bedding, etc. Our products are made with materials like FSC-certified wood, GOTS-certified organic cotton, Oeko-tex Standard polyester, natural rubber, seagrass, etc. All of the products in our selection are entirely safe and free from harmful chemicals. Learn more about our certifications here.