Cotton sheets for babies, toddlers, and bigger children

Our cotton sheets come in three different sizes: one for our lovely baby nest and two fitted cotton sheets for your baby cot or baby bed in sizes 60x120 and 70x140. The cotton sheets come in a variety of calming colours and our creative and iconic Cam Cam prints. Our Cam Cam prints are inspired by nature and culture and can lead to many exciting and creative conversations with your child. Let our classic, cute, and soft sheets with prints that will awaken your child's curiosity and creativity. Create a secure, calm, and fun sleeping environment and match the sheets with items for sleep and cuddle, like a poetic bed canopy, or match the sheets with our beautiful storage baskets or some cute garlands

Baby sheets in organic cotton

All of our sheets are made in 100% organic cotton and is free of toxic chemicals, so your child can sleep safe and soundly without you having to worry about exposing them to harmful chemicals. Sleep is essential for babies and small children. A little child lives a busy life with many impressions throughout the day, and rest is necessary for their little brain to relax and absorb all of the exciting things and emotions they experience. Whether it is sheets, toys, furniture, etc., Cam Cam Copenhagen believes that all children deserve the best, and we have created safe and clean sheets for you and your family. 

GOTS-certified baby sheets

All three of our sheets for babies and children are made in 100% organic cotton and are GOTS-certified. GOTS ensures that the cotton used for the sheets is grown entirely without artificial fertilizers, pesticides and pesticides. The certification also ensures that the quality of the sheets will last over time and use. Cam Cam Copenhagen believes that sustainability and quality go hand in hand. The longer a product lasts, the more sustainable it is. The long-term durability of a product is an essential factor in sustainability. 

Vision and philosophy

We strive to create products that can be used for many years, and in Cam Cam Copenhagen's beautiful and calming universe, you can find every item you and your family need. We have carefully selected the best materials and timeless designs that suit most homes, from interior to furniture to toys. Read more about Cam Cam Copenhagen's philosophy and certifications here