Sophisticated and sustainable furniture for the nursery

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s design philosophy has a strong focus on products that are not only made of high-quality materials and under fair working conditions but also produced with as little impact on the environment as possible. This means that most pieces are meant to last for a lifetime and longer and have multiple uses. The exclusive European-made furniture is no exception, capturing perfectly the Scandinavian approach to interior design, where immaculate function and material quality meets subtle expression. Timeless in its refinement every piece of Cam Cam Copenhagen furniture is born to become a cherished family heirloom. As with all our products, the archi-designed furniture is created with sustainability in mind. Produced from durable and toxin-free high-quality materials and designed with innovative functionality intelligence, every piece of furniture is guaranteed to have a long lifespan.  Signature to the Cam Cam Copenhagen design philosophy is the Harlequin furniture series. The name Harlequin refers to the rhombus shaped pattern, known from the wonderful Pierrot la Lune ballet. The Harlequin furniture series includes all the furniture you need for the children’s room. Enabling you to enjoy the sophisticated and functional design when you tuck in your baby in the Harlequin Bed, arrange your child’s clothes tidily in the Harlequin Wardrobe, place the favourite books and toys in the Harlequin Cabinet or on the matching Shelf or enjoy a calm changing time on the beautiful Harlequin Changing Table.