Organic sleeping bag for baby 

Airy and comfortable sleeping bag for babies 0-6 and 6-18 months 

In the first many months of its life your baby spends most hours sleeping in its bed or pram.  

Help your baby to a more peaceful and non-interrupted sleep with a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag embraces your baby and creates safety and intimacy. A baby sleeping bag can be a good solution, if your baby tends to kick off the duvet during naptime, nighttime or if you are worried your baby will get the duvet up over its head while it is sleeping. 

The sleeping bag has a calming effect, which creates safety and can contribute to a good and deep sleep. Our sleeping bags are available both in sizes 0-6 months and 6-18 months.  


Sleeping bag for baby 100% organic cotton muslin 

The delicate sleeping bag is available both in our usual soft cotton and in muslin, our incredibly soft and breathable material, which is loosely woven of the finest cotton yarn. The organic sleeping bag fits safely and comfortably on the upper body and is more spacious at the bottom, so there is room for your baby to move its legs. The zipper of the sleeping bag is opened from below to increase the safety and easy diaper changes. The sleeping bag is designed in our delicate and toned down colours as well as our beautiful and unique Cam Cam prints. You can find all our prints here. Create your own lovely universe with our adventurous and poetic prints, and match the sleeping bag, for instance with our baby blanketmobilesbaby nestswaddles and bedding 


Create peace when cuddle-time with a baby sleeping bag 

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s thought-out universe offers, among other things, a wide selection of essentials your baby needs in the first years. We have designed this soft sleeping bag in organic cotton for your baby, so it can sleep safely and nice – whether it is in the bed or in the pram. The newborn sleeping bag has a calming effect on many babies and can decrease the risk of the baby waking up because it becomes restless or kicks the duvet off. 


Sustainable baby equipment 

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s philosophy is that all children deserve the best. Your baby deserves to sleep soft and cozy, and therefore the sleeping bag is produced from 100% organic cotton. The sleeping bag is GOTS-certified, which means it is produced from sustainable materials under socially responsible conditions and with focus on the environment. Organic and sustainable production of baby equipment is one of our highest priorities. 

It is important for us, that you as a parent can give your baby safe and non-harmful products, that do not compromise with the environment. 

Cam Cam Copenhagen is certified by following, globally leading standards: GOTS, FSC and OCS. You can learn more about our certificates here 

Sleeping bag for baby without harmful chemicals  

Your baby can sleep safely in the sleeping bag, without you having to be worried about it inhaling harmful chemicals. Cam Cam Copenhagen wishes to arouse your child’s curiosity, and therefore, your child can safey explore our universe with both eyes, hands and mouth. We use natural materials such as 100% organic cotton in our textiles, wood for our furniture, pure natural rubber in our teethers and bathing toys as well as other non-harmful materials like food silicone for our products. Food grade silicone is a non-toxic, taste- and odor neutral material, which for instance is used for our spoons, bowls and plates. Food grade silicone does not contain harmful chemicals (e.g. BPA, latex, lead and phthalates).