Classic kids shelves

The Harlequin shelf

Cam Cam Copenhagen has designed the most perfect kids shelves for your nursery or children's room. The Harlequin shelf with practical hooks is made in an elegant design. It can be used to display toys, hats, clothes, costumes, etc. The Harlequin shelf also comes in a version without hooks, with a more minimalistic expression. Our classic kids shelves are painted with soft tones and match the rest of our selection of furniture. You can combine the Harlequin kids shelves with one of our Harlequin beds or one of our Harlequin changing tables to create a practical and pretty environment in the nursery or children’s room.

Decorate a beautiful nursery with our kids shelves

The nursery is an essential part of a child's life. They will spend many years growing from a tiny newborn, to a curious toddler, to an independent child. It is essential that the nursery feels secure and invites the child to be curious and creative. The first five years of a child's life, they develop at the speed of light, and during playtime, they develop important skills – such as fine motor skills, social skills, the ability to read emotions, regulate their own emotions through play, the confidence to play alone, the ability to play with others etc. Since playtime is an important part of the child's development, it is essential that the nursery is a safe space. Creating a cosy and cute nursery can be done with our beautiful furniture, interior, and toys. You can use the shelf to display your kid's favourite toys, books, costumes, etc.

Use our Harlequin kids shelves to organize the changing area

Around the changing area, you will need to store many different things. You and your baby will spend many hours at the changing table, and you should make the space cosy. Our Harlequin kids shelves can be a practical and cute item for the changing area. Using the shelves by the changing table will help create an organized space with diapers, creams, muslin cloths, and other things you use to change your baby. Both our Harlequin shelf and our Harlequin shelf with hooks are perfect for the changing area. The Harlequin shelf with hooks allows you to hang cute little outfits, muslin cloth or extra bodies.

Painted kids shelves without harmful chemicals

Like the rest of Cam Cam Copenhagen's products, all of our furniture is entirely safe. Our Harlequin shelves are made from MDF and are painted with VOC-free paint. The paint meets the requirements of the European Toy Directive EN 71/3 2013 (Test on evaporation of toxics on painted/lacquered surfaces). The shelves are made in environmentally friendly productions and produced under socially responsible conditions. You can learn more about our philosophy and our certifications here.