Storage for kids

Our storage options provide easy access to all the things you need

Life with a child involves many different things like practical baby equipment, diapers, pacifiers, clothes, toys – the list goes on. Storage for the kid's room can therefore be very helpful and even necessary to keep everything in the right place. This way, it is easy for you and your child to find exactly what you need. In Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe, you will find a wide selection of different storage options for the nursery, children’s room, bathroom, etc. Baskets, small dressers, suitcases, cute bed pockets, etc., in classic and traditional designs and sustainable materials. All of our storage options for kids are meant to last for many years. In design and material, our products can both be used in the nursery of a newborn and for a toddler's room. We believe that storage for kids should be both practical and aesthetic. This is why we have created different options so that there is a choice for everyone. Our beautiful storage for kids will fit perfectly in every kid's room. 

Storage for kids – The Bed Pocket

Our practical and beautiful bed pocket is a great choice to store things you want to keep close to the crib. Things like pacifiers, books, cloths, etc. The bed pocket is made in organic cotton and comes in our beautiful and calming colours and a variety of our signature Cam Cam prints. The bed pocket is the perfect accessory for the nursery and perfectly matches other Cam Cam products. You can match the bed pocket with our beautiful bedding to create a cute and calm crib.

Storage for kids – The Belly basket

Our cute belly basket is made of 100% natural seagrass fibres and embellished with woollen pom poms. It is the perfect accessory for every nursery and children's room. It can be placed on the floor with toys and give your child easy access to their favourite toys. Designed with handles allowing your child to easily carry toys from one room to another. The handles also allow you to hang the basket and store things in it. 

Storage for kids – Quilted Storage Basket

Our quilted storage baskets are perfect for organizing the changing table. The storage baskets come in different sizes and are ideal for muslin cloths, creams, diapers, etc. You can also use the baskets to organize your child's toys. The baskets will keep the toys organized and give your child easy access to their favourite toys.


Storage for kids made with safe materials

Like the rest of Cam Cam Copenhagen's products, all of our storage options are made with entirely safe materials. Cam Cam Copenhagen's keywords include safety, sustainability, longevity, and creativity. Whether it is toys, furniture, or decorations for the nursery, we believe all children deserve the best quality. And our products are completely safe and free from harmful chemicals. You can learn more about our certifications here