Cam Cam Copenhagen's bags 

Weekend bags: The lunch cooler bag and the bum bag

In Cam Cam Copenhagen's selection of bags, you will find our popular changing bags, beauty purse, and wet-wipe covers. We have also created a small selection of weekend bags for you and your family. The bags in our weekend bag selections are perfect for everyday use. They include a practical and beautiful cooler bag for excursions out of the house and a small bum bag for kids at the age of 4-6 years. 

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s lunch cooler bag

Cam Cam Copenhagen's cooler bag is designed in a timeless design and is perfect for excursions out of the house. Use the cooler bag for trips to the beach, picnics, to bring your lunch when you are visiting museums, the playground, etc. The cooler bag is also suitable for everyday use when you are grocery shopping to keep your groceries cold. The cooler bag is made in 100% recycled polyester, filled with aluminizing foil EPE foam. The cooler bag is machine washable up to 30°C. Whether you are looking for a changing bag, a gym bag, or a cooler bag, we have got you covered. All of our bags are designed in our creative Cam Cam prints, and you can mix and match all of your bags in your favourite prints. 

Bum bag in 100% recycled polyester

The bum bag is a small bag perfect for your children aged 4-6 years. Your child can bring the bum bag on the go on an excursion or use it for everyday use in kindergarten or preschool. With the small bum bag, your child can bring a snack, a small doll, etc., when you are out and about. 

Our philosophy

All of our products are made with sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood, GOTS-certified organic cotton, Oeko-tex Standard polyester, seagrass, etc. This makes them toxic-free and entirely safe for you and your family. Our products will last for many years and across generations. You can learn more about our certifications here. Cam Cam Copenhagen wants to provide families around the world with the best options. We believe that all children and families deserve the best quality. That is why we create traditional, sustainable and safe baby equipment like baby accessories for sleep and cuddling, functional baby equipment to bring on the go, furniture for the nursery or children's room, etc.