Bed table

Kids' furniture for the bedroom

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created a small and beautiful selection of sustainable furniture for the smallest members of your family. In our furniture selection, you will find kids' bedside tables, beds, changing tables and much more—all in a beautiful design matching every piece of furniture together. With Cam Cam Copenhagen's kids' bedside table, you get a spacious bed table matching our other products in both colours and materials. With our furniture selection, you can create a beautiful nursery and safe environment for your baby or child.

Kids' bedside table

Cam Cam Copenhagen's kids' bedside table pairs perfectly with the Harlequin Baby Bed and Junior Bed design or with other pieces from our furniture collection. Our kids' bedside table is spacious with room inside for books or toys, and on top of the bed table, there is plenty of room for a night lamp to create light and cosiness. Our children's bedside tables are made in a beautiful and classic design called Harlequin, inspired by the characteristic suit of the beloved figure Harlequin from the Tivoli Gardens. The kids' bedside table comes in three colours; white, light sand and classic grey. 

Children's bedside table from FSC-certified wood

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to make sustainable furniture, clothing and kids' products in a timeless design. Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe is filled with organic, natural, and safe materials made from 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone—following a socially and environmentally responsible production. We ensure that our products are from eco-friendly materials, always following globally leading standards within organic and sustainable production such as GOTS, FSC and OCS. Our children's bedside table is made from FSC-certified wood and finished with VOC-free paint without harmful chemicals to ensure it's perfectly safe for children to use in the nursery or bedroom. Learn more about our sustainable choice and certifications here.