Organic swaddles for babies

In Cam Cam Copenhagen's selection of baby equipment and baby selection, you will also find a collection of the softest and cutest muslin swaddles. The swaddles can help soothe and calm down a baby when using the swaddle technique. The swaddles are made in 100% organic cotton and come in a variety of our signature Cam Cam prints. You can mix and match our beautiful and poetic Cam Cam prints – mix the swaddle with our soft, beautiful bedding in organic cotton or a beautiful bed canopy to hang above the bed. With our Cam Cam prints, the possibilities are endless.

What is a swaddle?

A swaddle is a thin and light piece of fabric you use to "swaddle" the baby. When you swaddle the baby, you create a little womb with a pupa-like technique and will help calm newborns. The swaddle technique will generate a feeling of security and promote sleep. Swaddled babies feel at ease and fall asleep faster and cry less. You can also use the muslin swaddle as a thin layer for your baby on the warm summer days in the stroller.

Why should you swaddle a newborn?

The swaddle technique will calm a fussy baby down. Swaddling babies is very popular and can be very beneficial. When swaddling a baby, you provide comfort and security, and the swaddle can resemble the comfort of the womb. When you swaddle your baby, you lay the baby on the organic swaddle and wrap the swaddle around the baby. Tuck the corners and edges around the baby to create the womb. Many babies fall asleep faster, better, and deeper when they are swaddled.

Organic swaddles free from harmful chemicals

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create a safe and sustainable universe for families around the world. Like the rest of Cam Cam Copenhagen's products, all of our muslin swaddles are entirely safe to use on your newborn's sensitive skin. The muslin swaddle is made in 100% organic cotton and is GOTS-certified, which ensures the swaddle is made with organic cotton that has been grown entirely without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and pesticides. If you want to learn more about Cam Cam Copenhagen, you can read more about our philosophy and our certifications here.

The sustainable choice

Cam Cam Copenhagen strives to create products that can be used for many years and across many generations. Whether it is furniture, interior, bedding, etc., we believe that longevity and sustainability go hand in hand. Sustainability reflects all of our products. Our materials, design, and quality will ensure that your Cam Cam favourites can be used for many years to come. You can read more about our philosophy, vision, and our certifications here.

Organic Baby Swaddles

Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a great variety of organic baby swaddles. The whole collection is exclusively GOTS-certified, which means that they live up to the high standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard. This accounts not only for the fabric but also for environmental protection, sustainability and fair working conditions. They come in a variety of beautiful, muted colours, such as mint, petroleum, blush, grey, creme white, navy and nude. The baby swaddles are made from the softest and 100% organic muslin. With dimensions of 120cm x 120 cm, they have the perfect size for wrapping your baby safe and sound. Shop the softest swaddles and other organic muslin products, such as muslinsmuslin blankets and muslin teething bibs here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.


Baby swaddles in a wide range of colors

Most midwifes and care providers recommend swaddling babies for the first 3 months. Swaddled babies feel at ease and comforted since they are reminded of their mothers womb. Furthermore, they fall asleep faster, cry less and swaddles reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. The Cam Cam Copenhagen swaddles are very soft and come in a variety of muted, calming colours, which help your baby to feel at ease even more. They can easily be stored in the diaper bag when on the road and match the other Cam Cam Copenhagen products. Find the GOTS-certified swaddles here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.