Nursing pillow and covers in organic cotton

What is a nursing pillow?

A nursing pillow is a long and curved pillow that allows your baby to comfortably reach the breast while you can relax your whole upper body. With the nursing pillow wrapped around your waist supporting you and your baby, you will reduce pain and strains in your back, arms, and neck. Our nursing pillow will provide a stable and comfortable surface for your baby and create the perfect environment for nursing. The nursing pillow is also great to use if you are bottle-feeding your baby.

A nursing pillow for multipurpose use

During the first many months with a newborn, you will spend many hours feeding and nursing them. Cam Cam Copenhagen's nursing pillow will make the hours you spend nursing and breastfeeding or bottle-feeding more comfortable. Having a nursing pillow wrapped around you in your lap and supporting both you and your baby will help you find the best nursing position for you. The nursing pillow is great for the first few months when your baby needs extra back and neck support. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, the nursing pillow is an item that will be used many times throughout your day. When your baby grows bigger, you can also use the nursing pillow as a supporting tool for tummy time and as back support so your baby can strengthen their ability to sit up by themself. And when the baby grows even bigger, you can use the nursing pillow to create a cosy little corner in the nursery where you can play, read, cuddle, etc. Match the nursing pillow with a playmat and make a cute little space for you and your baby. 


Nursing pillow covers in organic cotton

Cam Cam Copenhagen's nursing pillow covers are made with soft, 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton. You will find the nursing pillow covers in a variety of beautiful Cam Cam prints. You can match the nursing pillow with our beautiful bedding or our soft muslins.

Nursing pillow filled with fossflakes or kapok

Cam Cam Copenhagen has made two different kinds of nursing pillows that both fit all of our nursing pillow covers. Choose the nursing pillow with Cocoon organic kapok filling or with fossflake filling. They are both allergy-friendly. Kapok is a natural, organic and sustainable material from the Kapok tree. The material contains 80% air and is 8 times lighter than cotton. It is incredibly temperature regulating, moisture transporting and breathable.

Both nursing pillows are machine washable at 60° C.

Cam Cam Copenhagen: Quality, sustainability, and responsibility

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to create classic, sustainable, and safe products for babies, kids, and families around the world. Both in design and material, you are guaranteed quality, sustainability, and responsibility. The nursing pillow will support you and your family for many years across many generations. Cam Cam Copenhagen's products and processes are certified and made in natural and safe materials. Learn more about our certifications here.