Baby bed for baby and toddler

When you have a newborn, you will need the perfect baby bed. Sleep is vital for a baby, and choosing a baby bed, cot, crib, basket, etc., can take up a lot of time. Babies sleep approximately 20 hours each day, and our products are free from harmful chemicals. Cam Cam Copenhagen's world is filled with beautiful and calming products to fulfill your baby's universe, and you will find a wonderful selection of sheets, toys, beddings, etc., for both you and your baby. Our universe is created to make your baby feel comfortable and secure.

Our baby bed

Cam Cam Copenhagen's baby bed has an adjustable base. This allows you to adjust the bed as your baby grows. You can adjust our bed to three different heights. When your baby is small, the mattress usually sits on the highest level. The highest level will make it easier for you to lift the baby in and out of the baby bed. After that, you can adjust the baby bed to lower levels as your baby grows. When your baby is fully capable of moving around in the baby bed and pulling themself up, you should adjust the baby bed to the lowest level. This will provide extra safety. Our cot bed has removable sides, which allows you to convert it into a toddler-sized bed. With our Harlekin baby bed, you will have a baby bed for a lot of years.

Why you should choose a cot as your baby bed

Cam Cam Copenhagen's cot bed has removable sides. The removable sides allow you to convert the baby bed into a toddler-sized bed. With our Harlekin baby bed, you will not only get a baby bed but a bed that can be used for a lot of years.

Bedding for the baby bed

You can choose a baby sleeping bag, a baby blanket, or a duvet for the baby bed. Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe is calming and soothing, and you will find a variation of beddings in our beautiful neutral colors and beautiful prints. Our baby sleeping bags are a great option for a smaller baby as your baby can sleep calmly and securely. It is also a great option for bigger babies, as your baby can't kick off the sleeping bag in their sleep or get their head caught under it. Explore our beautiful and playful bedding here

Baby bed and baby mobiles

Finish your nursing room with a mobile above the bed. Our beautiful baby mobiles will provide a safe sleeping environment with soothing and gentle melodies when your baby has to sleep. Explore our world of baby mobiles.