Organic baby blanket


Minimalistic and classical baby blanket in 100% organic cotton

At Cam Cam Copenhagen we know how important the first years of your child’s life are. Your little baby meets the big world for the first time, and therefore clothes, toys, cushions and blankets have to be soft and safe to use. This is an essential part of the design phase and the development of all our products. We have designed our GOTS-certified baby blankets in the softest, 100% cotton both in muslin, knit and padded, which are perfect for cuddling, as a soft swaddle in the stroller, cot or the car seat.

The muslin and knit blankets are perfect to bring on the go as a light, soft and breathable blanket, when it is time for napping or cuddling while visiting friends or family, as well as on vacation. The padded blanket is a bit thicker, and very good to keep warmth in, or it can be spread out on the floor or grass as a delicate, soft substrate for play or a picnic in the forest. 


Our baby blankets are produced in the softest cotton. The baby blanket is designed in toned down and neutral colours as well as in our playful and unique Cam Cam Copenhagen print. Our print is made with inspiration from nature, art and culture, which should arouse your baby’s curiosity and stimulate its senses. You can find all our prints here


Decorate the child’s room with our delicate and organic muslin, knitted or padded baby blankets

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s poetic and adventurous universe has a wide selection of products, which your baby needs in the first years. Our muslin and knitted blankets are suitable as swaddles for the stroller ride, while our padded baby blankets can be used as a soft substrate for playing on the floor or as an extra layer of warmth in the stroller. The baby blankets can also be used for cozy nooks in the child’s room, for cozy moments filled with safety and intimacy. Create a cozy nook with a baby blanket and our bed canopy and playmat. The opportunities are endless with our delicate baby blankets. 


Sustainable baby’s equipment

Our blankets, whether it is the muslin blanket in 4-layer breathable material, our knitted blanket in a delicate scallop pattern or the light padded soft blanket, are all made from GOTS-certified cotton, which means the materials are harvested and produced in a sustainable way and under responsible conditions. 

The textile industry is an industry, with a big responsibility, when it comes to production. We take our responsibility very seriously, which is why Cam Cam Copenhagen’s products are certified by the following, globally leading standards: GOTS, FSC and OCS. You can learn more about our certificates here


Baby blanket without harmful chemicals

All children should have access to comfortable and safe products, growing up. The baby blanket is made from GOTS-certified cotton, so your baby safely can play, sleep, cuddle etc. with it, without you having to worry. Besides all our certificates we only use safe materials for our products. These are materials such as tree and 100% organic cotton, pure natural rubber and other non-harmful chemicals like food grade silicone, which is a non-toxic, taste- and odor neutral material, which for instance is used for our spoons, plates and bowls