Teethers in pure natural rubber and wood from responsible forestry 

In the early months, the small one is overwhelmed with many interesting impressions from its surroundings. Cam Cam Copenhagen’s universe is to create safe conditions that can embrace all the new exciting things, your child experiences in the first years. 

At Cam Cam Copenhagen you can find teethers for babies as a functional toy, that can contribute to pique your baby’s senses, that has come into use. Like many of our other toys, with their delicate prints and textures, our teethers create exciting sensory impressions, while easing and stimulating the nuisances that can occur in the baby when the new teeth sneak out from the gums. 

With us you can get a diverse selection, as we have natural rubber teethers, which are free from BPA and PVC and comes from Hevea rubber trees, and then we also offer wooden teethers from certified responsible forestry, painted with childproof water-based paint, without chemicals, just like our furniture.


Beautiful teethers free from chemicals 

Our teethers come in aesthetic colours and varying shapes, the design of which we find inspiration to in the nature. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also good against bothering gums and easy to grasp for the small fingers. Other than that, our teethers are of hypoallergic material and free from holes, so bacteria and mold will not form. 

You don’t have to worry about chemistry that is harmful for your baby, with our sustainable design we carry close to our heart. We at Cam Cam Copenhagen care about not having to compromise with functionality, aesthetic and especially sustainability, as it is a vision and a core value the roots of our brand have sprouted from.  


Sustainability as a promise  

As well as much of our design is inspired by nature like our teethers, it also has great significance to us, that we take care of it. As part of the textile industry, we have a responsibility, and we are aware of the impact on our planet from high volume production. Therefore, we are certified by some of the world’s leading standards for the environment, GOTS, FSC and OCS, that ensures our promise about living up to socially responsible requirements and how we best take care of nature. Cam Cam Copenhagen’s products of wood, including our furniture and toys are certified by FCS, that ensures responsible forestry without it affecting our ecosystems. To ensure that our cotton, which our textiles are made of, including our beddingswaddles and baby nests, is 100% organic, we are certified by the standards GOTS and OCS. You can read more about our certificates and passion for sustainability here 

In the universe of Cam Cam Copenhagen, it is not only what the eye sees, but also the feeling of our design and the background of our products, that determine the quality of products in our eyes.