Doll accessories for toddlers and children

Doll accessories in safe and sustainable materials

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created the most beautiful accessories for dolls. In our classic Cam Cam colours and prints, we have made cute outfits for dolls, diaper bags, quilted lifts for dolls (or teddy bears), sleeping baskets etc. The doll accessories are perfect copies of some of Cam Cam Copenhagen's adult-sized products and fit most dolls on the market. The doll accessories are made with materials like organic cotton, Oeko-tex Standard polyester, wood, and seagrass.

Doll accessories for toddlers

Playing with dolls and accessories for dolls is a great way to implement learning while playing. Whether the child is playing alone or playing with others, playing with dolls is an opportunity to practice words and the context of words. Toddlers can learn colours, different clothing items, etc. You can also use our doll accessories to decorate the nursery/children's room. Use our shelves, tables, chairs, and benches to display dolls and doll accessories, or hang doll clothes from our classic Harlequin shelf with hooks. This will create an inspiring and creative nursery and invite the child to play. 

Doll accessories on the go

Our doll accessories are also great to bring on the go. If your child wants to bring their favourite doll on a trip out of the house, you can use our doll carrier or our doll lift. Both the carrier and the lift fit most dolls on the market.

Our doll accessories help stimulate social skills

Playing with a doll and doll accessories helps children develop and practice their social skills and their fine motor skills. Developing their fine motor skills will also reflect onto the child's confidence and make them feel safe around playing. This will boost their ability to play with others as well as alone. When children are playing with dolls and doll accessories, they learn to read social cues, develop empathy, learn to compromise and negotiate with others, and regulate their feelings and emotions. Stimulating toys are great for small children, and Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe is filled with different exciting and age-appropriate toys – from a small play shop to rattles and soft cotton balls. Find more items for playtime here.

Sustainable, classic, and long-lasting products

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created a universe filled with the best baby products like beautiful baby accessories, practical baby equipment, safe and clean bedding, furniture, etc. In a world filled with many different options, we wish to be your number one choice when you are looking for products for your baby, toddler or child. Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to provide classic, sustainable and safe products for your family. Because children – especially babies and toddlers – tend to explore with their hands and mouth, our products are completely safe and free from harmful chemicals. We believe that longevity is very important when designing products for babies and children. Our designs and materials will last for many years and across many generations.