Kids' playmat

In Cam Cam Copenhagen's selection of products, you will find many useful accessories for the nursery and the kids' room. In our opinion, playmats are an absolute necessity for the kids' room. Our playmats are one of the best investments for your child. Our soft, creative, and fun playmats are practical and also act as a cute decoration for the room. Use the playmats when your child is playing, rolling, and tumbling around on the floor. You can also use our playmats to create a cosy little corner in the kids' room where you can read books, play, and bond with your child. Combine the playmat with a bed canopy in the corner of the room to create a calm and cosy space for your child. 

Use our playmat as a baby floor mat

Our cute playmats can also be used as a floor mat for your baby. A baby floor mat is a great tool to use for tummy time. Use the baby floor mat as a soft surface when your baby is strengthening their back muscles and neck. When your baby develops back and core strength and neck control, you can use the baby floor mat when you play with your baby. Our mats will be a favourite item for you and your baby for many years to come.

Kids' playmats in organic cotton

You will find some cute and elegant designs in our selection of playmats. Our Sea Shell playmats are quilted in 100% organic cotton and filled with 100% Oeko-tex standard polyester. The Sea Shell playmat comes in neutral colours that match the rest of Cam Cam Copenhagen's beautiful and calming universe. The playmats' lightly padded surface creates the perfect space for play, bonding moments, etc. 


Kids' playmat with tassels

Our playmat with tassels is made in 100% organic cotton and comes in a variety of our creative Cam Cam prints. The playmat is filled with a comfortable mattress. This playmat ensures hours of fun on the floor playing or reading books together. The cover can easily be zipped off and washed. Choose a playmat in your favourite Cam Cam print, match it with your bedroom accessories, bed canopy, mobile, etc., and create the most beautiful kids' room or nursery.


Kids' playmat in organic cotton free of harmful chemicals

Like the rest of Cam Cam Copenhagen's products, the playmats are entirely child-safe. The materials we use are completely safe and free of harmful chemicals. Throughout our universe, you will find materials like 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone. We believe in being sustainable both in design and material, and the playmats suit both babies and bigger toddlers.