Changing tables 


Changing tables in wood 

The changing unit is one of the most important places, when you have a little baby. You spend many hours changing diapers, changing and nursing in the first time. 

The changing time is all about intimacy and caregiving, and it is a time, where you connect and strengthen the bond to your child. With our fine wooden changing table, you can create a safe space for you and your baby. There is room for changing pad or changing basket, diapers, muslins, cremes, washing cloths, wet wipes, storage baskets, optionally teethers, rattles and other things you wish to decorate your changing area with. On the spatial shelves in the cabinet below the changing area itself, you can store clothes, towelsswaddlesblanketstoys and bedding among other things.  


Sustainable furniture for the children’s room  

At Cam Cam Copenhagen we focus especially on products of high quality, which is produced under fair working conditions with respect for the environment. This means most of our products can last for many years, be passed down between siblings and across generations, as well as our products also often have multiple functions. Our Cam Cam furniture is no exception. Our beautiful Harlequin changing table is to create a functional, peaceful and safe base when you are changing your baby. But other than that, the table can easily be turned into a regular storage furniture, when the changing days are over, which gives the product a very long and sustainable life. 

The changing table is an exclusive and functional furniture with a classic, timeless and stylish design, that will bring benefit and joy in many generations to come. 


Minimalistic and classic changing table 

It is important, that the changing area is a nice and secure place to be.  

Here in Cam Cam’s universe, you can find a wide selection of beautiful, functional and sustainable products, that can make your changing area nice and comfortable. You can decorate the changing unit with your favorite Cam Cam products such as our fine and comfortable changing pad and our poetic mobiles, which invites to adventure and arouse your child’s curiosity and creativity. All our products are available in soft and peaceful tones, that draw inspiration from nature, art and culture. 


We focus on sustainability and your child’s health 

Cam Cam Copenhagen is certified by the following, globally leading standards: GOTS, FSC and OCS. You can learn more about our certificates here 

In addition to our certificates, we use natural materials such as wood, 100% organic cotton and pure natural rubber as well as other non-harmful materials like food grade silicone for our products. Food grade silicone is a non-toxic, taste and odor neutral material, which for instance is used for our spoons, bowls and plates. It is a material, that does not contain harmful chemicals (e.g. BPA, latex, lead and phthalates). Our universe must create safety and invite your curious child on adventure. Therefore, all our products are produced in childproof materials, so your child freely can explore with both eyes, hands and mouth.