Organic baby towels

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created the softest baby towels in 100% organic cotton. You can match the towel with some of our other bath time accessories. Match the organic towel with your favourite Cam Cam washing cloth, washing glove, or bathrobe. In our bath collection, we also have bath toys made of 100% natural Hevea rubber. Explore all of our bath accessories here.

Soft organic baby towel 

We have designed a soft and thick organic towel. The organic towel is perfect for your family, whether you have a baby, a toddler, or a bigger child. The towel is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and woven in the iconic Cam Cam wave pattern. The Cam Cam wave pattern makes the towel fast-drying. The towel comes in a variety of neutral and calming colours and has a cute little hood with bear ears. This feature makes the towel perfect for cuddling and bonding after bath time. 


Make bath time special with our organic kids towel

During bath time, the baby's senses are engaged, and bath time is important for the baby's cognitive and emotional development. They sense the warm water on their skin, and the feeling of the warm water is both relaxing and calming. The soothing and calming effect makes bath time the perfect activity before bedtime. Bath time is also the ideal activity to give your baby a loving touch, wash and rub their skin, and provide comfort. The baby will also stimulate motor skills, visual tracking, and hand-eye coordination during bath time. The baby can splash around in the water, play and learn by seeing bath toys and cups etc., float up. Sponges are also a great item to use while your baby is bathing since they are perfect for the baby to learn to squeeze water from the sponge and strengthen their grip. After bath time, use our soft towel to cuddle your baby. The towel is perfect for some baby-parent bonding before bedtime.


Organic baby towel free from harmful chemicals

Like the rest of Cam Cam Copenhagen's products, all of our towels are entirely safe to use on your baby's sensitive and soft skin. The baby towel is GOTS-certified, which guarantees that it is made from organic cotton completely grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and pesticides. GOTS also ensures that the products live up to strict quality requirements. This means that the towel retains its original shape, texture, and softness over time and use. The long-term durability of a product is one of the most essential factors when it comes to sustainability. Some of Cam Cam Copenhagen's keywords include sustainability and longevity. We create products that can be used for many years – both in materials and in design. You can learn more about our philosophy and our certifications here