The enchanting floral Lierre print holds an eloquent antique elegance and elevated sophistication inspired by old Flora Danica drawings from the 18th Century.
Flora Danica is a vast oeuvre of great fame consisting of 3240 meticulous copper prints featuring Danish plants and flowers. It took 123 years to complete this work of equal art and beauty which was initiated by King Frederik the 5th of Denmark in 1761. Influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment, the King had a vision to promote the awareness and appreciation of Danish nature and thus create a better life through knowledge.
In its meticulously drawn entangled leaves in natural brown shades on a soft and bright background Lierre juxtaposes the desire to shed light upon every tiny flower and each corner of the world with the undeniable shadows and ellipses immanent in nature and existence, the very tension that makes life beautiful. The cracks where the light gets in.
Featuring winding branches of ordinary yet alluring leaves the print contains a touch of unseen, missed beauty and mazy mystique. The existential union of melancholy and bliss, obscurity and light, fantasy and reason that makes the world of yesterday, today, and tomorrow a never-ending wonderland.