Book benches

Kids book storage in painted wood

Cam Cam Copenhagen's Harlequin book bench is a cute little book bench where you and your child can display your favourite books. Place the book bench beside the bed in the nursery/children's room or in the living room beside the couch. The book bench can also be used to display toys like teddy bears or dolls. The book bench comes in calm neutral colours and beautifully matches the rest of our Harlequin furniture. Match the Harlequin book bench with our beautiful and luxurious Harlequin wardrobe.

Kids book storage – decorate the children's room with a beautiful book bench

Life with a child involves many different things like practical baby equipment, diapers, pacifiers, clothes, toys – the list goes on. Making a beautiful room for your child is also on the list of very important things. It is a necessity for your child to have a space of their own. A space where they can immerse themselves through play and develop as little human beings. Children develop while they are playing and also when they are sleeping. Use our kids book bench to decorate your child's room. Invite your child to learn, read, and explore. Reading books with your child is a very stimulating activity. It stimulates their imagination and their vocabulary. It is also a perfect opportunity to bond with your child and give cuddles while reading.   

Kids book storage in safe materials

Use the Harlequin book bench to create storage in the children's room. Use it for books, toys, blankets, etc. Like the rest of our storage items, the book bench will last for many years. We have created a classic and simple book bench that can be used in the nursery, the children's room, as well as the living room. The kids book bench is made with entirely safe materials: FSC-certified MDF and finished with VOC-free paint. It is easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth.  

Sustainability, quality, and long-lasting products

Cam Cam Copenhagen wants to be your sustainable choice in a world filled with endless options. Whether it is toys, furniture, or decorations for the nursery, we believe all children deserve the best quality. Quality and sustainability go hand in hand – the long-term durability of a product is one of the most essential factors in sustainability. Our vision is to create sustainable and safe products for you and your family. We know that babies and small children tend to explore everything with their hands and mouth, and Cam Cam Copenhagen's products are entirely safe in both materials and design. We wish to be your number one choice using natural materials like wood, cotton, natural rubber, seagrass, etc.