Gifts for kids 5+ Years

Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe invites babies and toddlers on an adventure. We offer beautiful and sustainable products for babies and toddlers. Our designs and materials are timeless and in the best quality and can be used by babies and toddlers for many years across generations. All of our toys and equipment are entirely safe and free from harmful chemicals. We use organic, natural, and safe materials. We primarily use 100% organic cotton, wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone. Finding the perfect gift for a 5-year-old can be difficult, but we have made it easy for you. First of all, it depends on what kind of gift you're looking for – stimulating toys, practical gifts, bedtime, accessories for daycare, interior, or furniture for the nursery, etc. 

Decorating the nursery

Kids at the age above 5 years old will spend a lot of time in their nursery. In their nursery, they can play with their toys, their siblings, their friends and develop as little human beings. Buying a gift they can use in their nursery is, therefore, a very good idea. Decorating a safe, beautiful and inspiring nursery for the toddler to feel confident and secure playing in is essential. 

A gift for playing and learning

Wooden toys and active toys like soft cotton balls invite the toddler to play and develop their social skills. At the age of five, a toddler will enjoy a play kitchen to participate in role-playing with their siblings, parents or friends. The play kitchen can both be used for playtime alone and with others. Accessories for the dolls are also a wonderful gift for a toddler above the age of five. While playing with a doll and doll accessories, they will strengthen their fine motor skills, evolve their language, and stimulate emotions.

Gifts for school

Kids at the age of five are often enrolled in preschool and will use pencil cases, backpacks and other accessories for school. Buying a beautiful set in matching prints and colours will make a wonderful and personal gift for a 5-year-old. 

Storage for the nursery

At the age of five, a toddler will spend a lot of time in their nursery, and it is a good idea to keep the nursery organized, so the toddler feels confident and secure while they are playing. If all of their favourite toys aren't organized in a manageable way, they can lose their overview and be insecure about playing in their room. Gifting the toddler furniture with storage space or boxes to store toys is a good idea. Providing the toddler with storage opportunities will also teach them to clean up their room and be organized.