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Article: Take it from a father - Q&A with Virgil

Take it from a father - Q&A with Virgil


Copenhagen creative, man of style and entrepreneurial spirit par excellence, Virgil Nicholas has been one to watch on the design and fashion scene since his late teens where he started his own menswear brand with a friend. Last year he added the fathering profession to his impressive CV bursting with titles like Co-founder, Brand owner, Editor-in-Chief and Communications Director. For Father's Day he offers us a glimpse of how becoming a father has added brand new dimensions to his already full life and packed calendar.


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What’s the best thing about becoming a dad? 

To me it is the added dimension of love, affection and fun that you get to experience with this new human being in your life. 

What’s the hardest part?

Leaving in the morning after a great father-and-son breakfast with good laughs.

How has your life changed with a baby in the house? 

The extra responsibility is life-changing. Whether on holiday, on the go or simply at home a child needs attention, food and care in ways that I have to be serious and mindful about catering to in an already busy schedule. That's a serious game changer in a life that has been for you to share with one previously and now one more.

What has surprised you about becoming a father?

 How easy-going Ann-Kathrine and I have been in regard to raising him. So far, I couldn't be a prouder father and boyfriend in our efforts.

What do you do with your son that his mom doesn’t?

I guess we both enjoy making the weirdest of sounds all the time. And although he probably has no notion of what I am saying we have some intense heart to hearts, man to man every now and then. He's too young to have those with his mom yet. 

How do you hope your son will describe you as a father in 20 years?

 Hopefully as the caring, smart and awkward father he'd never trade for anyone else.

What are the most important values for you to pass on to your son?

 Good and polite manners, human understanding even to those who might not treat him equally and an eternal lust for life.

What are your biggest hopes for your son’s future?

That he finds a journey that will make him happy. It is the best and worst cliché. But I have learned one very valuable lesson from growing up to become the adult that I am today: my ambitions are mine alone. Whether it is my son, his mother, my brother or my friends I might have deep ambitions, but it is for themselves to find their way and for me to support. I will not be a nudger. 

Any advice for future fathers?

 Smile, laugh and take it easy. 80% is lottery when getting a child but those remaining 20% can be definitive in your relationship to your partner and your child. Our responsibility as fathers is to keep the spirits high and be the helping hand even on the toughest days. Not that it matters but you will be rewarded for that effort.  

Is sustainability important for you as a father?

 Not enough but it has to be. We obviously prioritize and buy eco goods and local produce more than anything else but there's more to sustainability than groceries. We want to give our children the best conditions for a healthy life on a sound planet but to do so we have to reflect those values in our own lives. As a professional working with apparel it really must start with the choices and advice I make and give for me to lead by example.