Bath toys

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created cute bath toys in Natural Hevea Rubber. The bath toys will stimulate and entertain your baby as well as your toddler. The bath toys are shaped in stimulating shapes and colours, and it is perfect for distracting and entertaining the baby while you wash them. The different shapes and textures make the bath toys appealing for your baby's tiny hands and stimulate the child's visual and tactile senses. Using bath toys while bathing your child is also an excellent opportunity to implement storytelling, learning, and creativity during bath time.

Bath time and bath toys

During bath time, the baby's senses are stimulated and engaged, and bath time is important for the baby's cognitive and emotional development. The baby will relax and sense the warm water on their delicate skin. The soothing and calming effect makes bath time the perfect activity before bedtime, but bath time is also a time for learning and playing. With the rubber bath toys, the baby can stimulate their motor skills, visual tracking, and hand-eye coordination. The baby can play and learn by pushing down the bath toys and seeing bath toys float up again etc.

Bath time before bedtime

After playing with the bath toys and taking in all the impressions, the baby is warm, relaxed and ready for bedtime. The stimulating experience combined with the soothing and calming effect makes bath time the perfect activity before bedtime. Find your new favourite bathrobe to cuddle your baby after bath time. 


Bath toys in 100% natural rubber

Our bath toys are made in natural rubber and are completely free of BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals. The bath toys are hand-painted with child-safe, water-based paint. We have designed our bath toys with no holes to prevent bacteria and mould from growing.

Cam Cam Copenhagen's philosophy

Among Cam Cam Copenhagen's keywords, you will find sustainability, longevity, quality, and creativity. Whether it is bath toys or furniture, these keywords influence every step from design, materials, production and so on. In our universe, you will find materials like food-grade Silicone, FSC-certified wood, GOTS-certified organic cotton, Oeko-tex standard polyester, natural rubber, seagrass, etc. You can learn more about our philosophy and our certifications here.